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Anna Patten: Aston Villa Defender’s Quest to Conquer the FA Cup

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Aston Villa has already lost two soccer matches against Chelsea this year, one with a score of 3-0. On Sunday, April 16th they will meet in the Women’s FA Cup semi-final happening at Bescot Community Stadium. To watch this match live, you can check the Sport News Center One program or their website/app. You can also listen to it on the radio or Sounds channel from Sport News Center. Follow along with live updates by text from their website and app.

Anna Patten already achieved success in the FA Youth Cup. But now, she wants to experience glory in the adult cup. Aston Villa is planning to beat Chelsea and make it to a Wembley final.

In the past, Anna was very close – she even got to be an unused substitute for Arsenal when they played Chelsea in the 2021 final. She also has two FA Youth Cups won with Arsenal, which made her fall in love with this competition.

When I was playing in my first final match with the under-17s, it was really special because my Scottish family came down to support me. My grandparents from both sides had their phones out and asked me to take pictures with the cup – which was awesome!

The FA Cup is a very important achievement when you are playing football in England and we really want to beat the Chelsea team as best we can.

Patten, who started her soccer career in Arsenal and came back after she graduated from college in the US, stated that there is an extra motivation to beat Chelsea due to their rivalry with Arsenal. Patten also said that she will receive some messages from the Arsenal girls because Villa (where Patten plays) eliminated Arsenal too.

“Beating Chelsea would make everybody happy, including me and Jordan Nobbs. A few ex-Arsenal players might even come to watch the game and cheer us on – not for Chelsea!”

This particular matchup is a huge moment for Villa as it’s their first semi-final game in the Women’s FA Cup according to SportNewsCenter.

Anna Patten

Anna Patten (left) was a player who did not play in the Arsenal’s FA Cup final game against Chelsea in 2021.

Before coming back to the Women’s Super League in 2021, Anna had studied sociology in United States and she is looking forward to getting her Masters degree next.

Her interest in sociology comes from her admiration for stats and data as well as playing football.

At first, I didn’t think it would be something I’d do, but when I learned more about it, I became really interested in it. Taking classes really surprised me since math is what comes naturally for me. I had so much fun with the number-crunching and making plans part of the game.

Discussing techniques and tactics with more experienced players was one of my favorite things to do. When playing, I’m good at reading the game quickly and understanding every move that’s happening on the field. That makes me feel proud of myself.

We are very lucky to be living in an age where we can look at our stats and figure out how to get better. I use the numbers a lot because I’m good with math, so that helps me understand what parts of my game need some work. That way, I can keep improving.

Anna Patten

Anna Patten had been playing for Aston Villa in 20 games so far this season. She joined on loan from London in January 2022, and gained attention due to her excellent footballing skills. Unfortunately, her progress came to a pause when she caught glandular fever two months into her move and had to skip the rest of the last season.

Patten has been helping Carla Ward’s team to avoid getting kicked out from their league. But now she is back and ready to help the team win an award.

“It was really annoying,” said Patten. “We were doing better with Jill Scott, who used to play for England, joining us – so we started playing football better.”

I spent a lot of time working hard with my coaches so I could improve as a player. But that meant I had a really long summer holiday, and I missed it a lot. During my time off, I couldn’t do much, so when I came back to playing again, I was really grateful for the opportunity.

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