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Assistance for Nigerian Women’s Team in Bonus Dispute at Women’s World Cup 2023 by Fifpro

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Fifpro, the players’ union, has stated that it is intervening on behalf of Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup team in an ongoing conflict with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) over unpaid bonuses, allowances, and expenses, some of which reportedly go back to 2021.

The Super Falcons were knocked out of the tournament in Australia and New Zealand after being defeated in a penalty shootout against England in a last-16 match in Brisbane.

On Tuesday, Fifpro issued a statement, saying, “During the tournament, the players prioritized their performance, avoiding public comments or other distractions. However, the Super Falcons now feel it is the NFF’s turn to fulfill its obligations and pay the outstanding amounts.”

A long-standing disagreement

The Super Falcons, Africa’s most triumphant international women’s team, with nine Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (Wafcon) titles and qualifications for all nine Women’s World Cups, have been in repeated disputes with their federation regarding financial matters since 2004.

Discontentment also emerged during the 2019 World Cup in France, when they protested after a loss to Germany, and boycotted training before the third-place play-off at last year’s Wafcon in Morocco.

Though verbal reassurances were given, Sport Newes Center Africa learned that players were still waiting for payments a month later.

Prior to this World Cup, American coach Randy Waldrum reported seven months of unpaid salary, and some players had gone unpaid for two years.

Fifpro expressed serious frustration that this problem persisted before, during, and after the competition, stating it was “unfortunate that players had to confront their own federation at a key stage in their careers.”

‘Players are set to receive their funds’

This year, a first at the Women’s World Cup, players will get individual payments directly from Fifa, with Nigeria’s women receiving $60,000 for advancing to the second round, in addition to a $100 daily allowance.

This direct payment has led to disagreements with various teams and national administrations, such as England’s Lionesses, with some federations contending that the Fifa money should be considered a performance-related bonus.

In response to the Fifpro statement, a senior NFF official downplayed the controversy, emphasizing that payment plans were established well before the loss to England.

He assured Sport Newes Center Africa that, “All arrangements with the Super Falcons [for the World Cup] are documented and will be honored. The federation will examine any outstanding payments owed to the players. Fifa will contact the NFF and other federations about the World Cup payments, and the players will receive their money as planned. This team made a significant impact at the tournament against the European champions, and it would be unjust to overshadow it with any negativity.”

The resolution of this latest financial quarrel is still uncertain, but Fifpro has pledged to continue its efforts to make sure “contractual obligations are met and outstanding payments are resolved.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup team

What is the dispute between Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup team and the Nigeria Football Federation?

The dispute is over unpaid bonuses, allowances, and expenses that the Nigeria Football Federation owes to Nigeria’s Women’s World Cup team. Some of these unpaid amounts allegedly date back to 2021.

Who is assisting the Nigerian women’s team in the dispute?

Fifpro, the players’ union, is assisting the Nigerian women’s team in their ongoing conflict with the Nigeria Football Federation.

What has the Nigeria Football Federation’s response been to the claims?

A senior NFF official has downplayed the controversy, stating that payment arrangements were made long before the defeat against England. He also insisted that all agreements with the Super Falcons for the World Cup are documented and will be honored.

Is this the first time the Super Falcons have faced financial disputes with their federation?

No, the Super Falcons have found themselves at odds with their federation over money multiple times, with disputes dating back to 2004.

How is Fifa involved in the payment to the players in this World Cup?

For the first time at a Women’s World Cup, players are receiving individual payments directly from Fifa. Nigeria’s women will each receive $60,000 for reaching the second round, plus a $100 daily allowance.

What actions were taken by the Super Falcons in previous disputes?

In the past, the team has staged protests, including a sit-in after a defeat to Germany in the 2019 World Cup and boycotting training before a third-place play-off at last year’s Wafcon in Morocco.

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