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Australian Women’s Footballers Receive Huge Boost With New Pay Deal

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Adelaide Strikers just won the 2022 Women’s Big Bash!

Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association made a deal that will give leading female players more money over the course of five years. Instead of having A$80 million (£43.1m) available, they now have A$133m (£72.1m).

If a woman player is one of the top-tier athletes and also competes in the Women’s Big Bash League, she could make up to A$800,000 (£434,000) per year–a 66% increase from before!

Australia’s leading female cricket players could make more than one million Australian dollars every year when they join India’s Women’s Premier League and The Hundred. Nick Hockley, the Chief Executive of Cricket Australia (CA), thinks this is great news since it means now women can make more money playing team sports than ever before!

Australian male players who take parental leave will still have their salaries and bonuses protected. Also, extra payments will be given for any missed match fees. Plus, pay for these players will go up by 7.5% to an average of about $951,000 before match payments. And finally, the number of players in this group will increase from 20 to 24 so that there’s enough people available for international games across all formats.

The salary cap for the men’s Big Bash League (BBL) is being raised from $2m to $3m. This means that more money can be spent on making sure that the BBL stays competitive and continues to stay popular during Australian summers.

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