On June 29, 1985, 35 years ago tomorrow, Barça Women won the first official title in their history, the Copa Generalitat. At that time, this sporting milestone was practically forgotten about and, in fact, it has not been until now, when the club’s Documentation and Studies Center, whilst carrying out research on the 50 years of Barça women’s football, that this title has been added to the list. With the other 23 trophies won, it makes the Barça Women’s team the most successful team in Spain.
After eliminating Balaguer, Sabadell and the Penya Barcelonista Barcelona in a penalty shootout, Barça Women qualified for the final, played on June 29 at Badalona against Vallès Occidental.
It was a very even match between two teams that knew each other very well, and there were few chances to score. In the 30th minute, Emilia Ibáñez hit the crossbar but managed to head the rebound into the back of the net. 
Despite the 1-0 lead, the players coached by Agustín Vega couldn’t add to the score. Fortunately, their opponents were unable to draw level meaning Barça Women were champions. The lineup that day was; M. Guimerà, Joana Bernabéu (Pilar Moreno), Kety Pulido, Marta Mestres, Mª Ángeles Navas, C. Capilla, M. Vandellòs (Emilia Bonachera), Lucía Herrero, Emilia Ibáñez, Inmaculada Romero and Núria Rabanal.
This first title for Barça Women came against the backdrop of a history that was full of difficulties and obstacles overcome by players endowed with an iron will and boundless enthusiasm. It was a story that began on Christmas Day 1970. That December 25 at the Camp Nou, thanks to the efforts of the founder Immaculada Cabecerán, the team played its first game under the sponsorship of FC Barcelona, wearing the blaugrana. Trained by Antoni Ramallets, that group was called, in the first instance, Penya Femenina Barcelonista, a name that was changed to Club Femení Barcelona in 1983. However, they didn’t become an official section of the club until 2002.
After many unsuccessful attempts, in 1980 women’s football had been able to integrate into the Spanish Football Federation. This opened up a range of official competitions: at the state level, the Copa de la Reina and, later, the National Women’s League. In Catalonia, the Copa Generalitat and the Catalan League. Five years later, on June 29, 1985, this first title came, and 35 years later, Barça Women, as a professional section of the club, enjoy all the sporting and social recognition. Once again the team have won the league title and at present are on course to reach the Champions League final for the second consecutive season, Lluís Cortés’ side getting ready to face Atlético Madrid in the quarterfinals in a single match.


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