Team USA curler Chris Plys speaks about his decades-long journey to the Olympics, and how he has made the most of the down time he had during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CHRIS PLYS: My name is Chris Plys. I’m from Duluth, Minnesota. My Olympic journey has been a bit of a long one. I was the alternate in 2010 in Vancouver with John Shuster. And since then, it’s been a series of close calls getting back.
So it’s been a good four years with this team that I’ve been on now. Took the spot of Tyler George, who retired after the 2018 games. And I’m very fortunate enough to have Alyssa, my fiancée. [? It ?] kind of takes care of a lot of the work stuff when I’m on the road. And I have a very supportive family and friend group.
So it’s– I’ve enjoyed– with having COVID and not being able to travel as much, it’s been a little bit easier for me to just go out and do my practice and my workouts and that kind of stuff and then, when I can, whether it’s sneaking out for a round of disc golf with my buddies or just taking the dogs out on a hike or something, something to just let myself decompress.
Been trying to find as much time as I can for that as well, because that is a– it’s a very big thing for me. I know it’s tough to not get burnt out when you’re putting everything into curling. And as much as I love curling and care about going to the Olympics, taking care of that side of things has been something I’ve put a lot of focus on as well.
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