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Corinne Laframboise: The Remarkable Twist of Fate Before Her UFC Dream Fight

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Corinne Laframboise, the UAE Warriors flyweight champion, found herself in a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected news just days before the fight of her career on Dana White’s Contender Series. The text she received in late August would change everything – she was three months pregnant.

At first, Corinne thought it was a joke. She had just undergone a mandatory blood test as part of her preparation for the high-stakes showdown against Rainn Guerrero, where a UFC contract hung in the balance. She casually closed her phone, planning to continue her day as a dental hygienist in Montreal, Quebec.

However, after her shift, she decided to respond to her doctor, seeking some well-wishes and good vibes for her upcoming bout. Little did she know that this simple act would lead to a life-altering revelation.

The phone call that followed shattered her initial disbelief. The doctor’s words were unequivocal: “Corinne, it’s not a joke. You are pregnant, and with the amount of hormones you have, you are probably three months along. Or you have twins.”

For Corinne, 34, the news was a shock, but it was also a moment of immense joy. She recollects, “I was in the car waiting for my fiancé, and it was like the entire world stopped – we didn’t expect it. I was like: ‘What the hell? Twins!?’ The day after, we did the scan to see if there was a baby or a mistake by the doctor, and there was one baby. We heard the heartbeat, we saw the two arms, two feet. And [now] we know it’s a girl. And she’s healthy, no problem.”

Remarkably, Corinne had been training rigorously for weeks leading up to the fight, but she had refrained from sparring to protect her unborn child from potential harm due to an injury. She believes that some higher force was at play, safeguarding her baby.

Corinne reflects on the unusual circumstances, “The first weekend I was supposed to spar, two days before, I sprained my ankle. My foot was all blue, and I was unable to spar for the entire training camp. I was doing swimming, I was doing more pad stuff. So I didn’t get hit, I didn’t get hit in the belly. So I think life made that situation happen because all the events… I think everything happens for a reason.”

In hindsight, Corinne acknowledges that she had experienced symptoms associated with pregnancy but had mistaken them for side effects of her intense training camp. Her weight remained unchanged due to increased training and a stricter diet. “I didn’t have my periods, but that happened to me often when you increase your level of training, it’s not a big deal,” she explains. “After that, I wanted to puke in the morning, [but] I thought it was because of the diet. And usually, I love peanut butter and steak, but this time I was like ‘I don’t want any peanut butter…’ and I had big cravings for lemon. And that kind of thing was weird, but in my mind, it was because of the training camp. I train more, and maybe the diet made me feel like that, but after it was because I am pregnant.”

As the current flyweight champion in UAE Warriors, the Abu Dhabi-based promotion, Corinne’s ultimate goal is to make it to the UFC. While her immediate focus is on the baby, she remains open to the possibility of returning to the Contender Series in the future. She affirms, “I cannot tell you right now. I want to focus on the baby and what’s going to happen. In the best-case scenario, maybe I can continue to fight. I know that I’m made to be in the UFC. I’m strong enough to be there, I like to finish people in the first and second round, I give a good show, I’m really marketable. I’ll just see how it goes with the baby, but I don’t close the door.”

Corinne Laframboise’s unexpected journey from fighter to expectant mother is a testament to the twists and turns life can take, even in the midst of pursuing one’s dreams. Her determination, resilience, and unwavering spirit will undoubtedly continue to shine, whether in the octagon or in the joys of motherhood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC fighter pregnancy

Q: How did Corinne Laframboise discover she was pregnant just days before her UFC fight?

A: Corinne Laframboise found out about her pregnancy through a text message from her doctor after a mandatory blood test for her upcoming UFC fight. Initially, she thought it was a joke but later received a phone call confirming the unexpected news.

Q: What was Corinne Laframboise’s initial reaction to the pregnancy news?

A: At first, Corinne was in disbelief and thought it was a joke. However, once the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, she was filled with joy and excitement.

Q: Did Corinne Laframboise continue training for her fight after learning about her pregnancy?

A: Corinne continued her training but avoided sparring to protect her unborn child from potential harm due to an injury.

Q: What are Corinne Laframboise’s future plans regarding her fighting career and the UFC?

A: While Corinne’s immediate focus is on her baby, she remains open to the possibility of returning to the Contender Series and pursuing her dream of fighting in the UFC in the future.

Q: Were there any signs or symptoms of pregnancy that Corinne Laframboise experienced before the official diagnosis?

A: Corinne did have some pregnancy symptoms, such as missed periods and morning sickness, but she initially attributed them to the demands of her intense training camp.

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