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Cricket World Cup 2023: Pakistan Agrees to Participate in India

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Pakistan’s cricket team will participate in India-hosted World Cup this year, eliminating previous ambiguity about their attendance. The two countries have only been pitted against each other in World Cups and at neutral locations since 2013 due to political strife.

The Pakistan foreign office has stressed, in a statement, that sports and politics should not be conflated. This stance persists despite their strained relationship with India, which they believe should not hinder them from upholding their international commitments in sports.

The neighboring countries, which have experienced three wars and several military conflicts, share control over the contested Himalayan region of Kashmir, each asserting full sovereignty over it.

The statement, however, did not clarify whether Pakistan would be comfortable playing against India in Ahmedabad on 15 October as scheduled, or if they will propose a venue change.

Pakistan has also voiced “profound concerns” about the security situation, which they have communicated to the International Cricket Council and the Indian authorities. They anticipate that all necessary measures will be taken to guarantee the Pakistan cricket team’s safety during their visit to India.

The World Cup is set to begin on 5 October, with Pakistan’s first match against the Netherlands on the following day.

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