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Day Five Overview of Fifa Women’s World Cup: Matches Include Italy vs. Argentina, Germany vs. Morocco, and Brazil vs. Panama

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Fifa Women's World Cup Preview

World Cup could witness its first player wearing a hijab, Nouhaila Benzina

History may be written on the fifth day of the Fifa Women’s World Cup if Moroccan player Nouhaila Benzina takes the field.

Benzina, a 25-year-old defender, could become the first player to sport a hijab, an Islamic headscarf, at a World Cup. This could happen in their match against the tournament favorites, Germany.

This is the second match of the day, the first one being between Italy and Argentina, who aim to secure their first World Cup victory, earlier in the morning.

Brazil, who have a track record of winning all eight of their World Cup opening games, start their tournament against the first-timers, Panama.

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Italy vs Argentina

Group G | Auckland | 07:00 BST | ITV

Italy aims to improve upon their quarter-final finish in the 2019 World Cup, marking their first appearance in the tournament since 1999. Despite finishing at the bottom of their group with a single point at Euro 2022 in England.

“Both the previous and the current World Cup are crucial as they aid our growth process. Qualifying for two consecutive World Cups is a great step forward for Italy,” shared manager Melina Bertolini.

“Our movement is expanding. It’s a young and somewhat fragile movement.”

The Italian team features 16-year-old Barcelona midfielder Giulia Dragoni.

Argentina, on the other hand, hasn’t yet claimed a victory in a sanctioned Women’s World Cup match, losing all games prior to 2019 and managing to secure two points in 2019, which included a 3-3 draw with Scotland.

Goalkeeper Vanina Correa, 39, has been part of the squad in all four tournaments, including the current one.

Despite a hiatus in play from 2015 to 2017, which led to their loss of FIFA ranking, Argentina has shown remarkable resilience.

Rachel Brown-Finnis’ prediction: I am eagerly looking forward to this match, expecting it to be a close one. My bet is on Italy to have a slight advantage, leaving Argentina still searching for their first World Cup finals victory. 2-1.

Key stat: Argentina hasn’t been able to score in 67% of their Women’s World Cup games (6/9), the highest percentage among teams with more than six games in the competition.

Germany vs Morocco

Group H | Melbourne | 09:30 BST | ITV

Morocco marks its debut as the first Arab team at a Women’s World Cup. Captain Ghizlane Chebbak notes, “We carry a significant responsibility to portray a positive image, and display the strides Moroccan football has made by qualifying.

Benzina, a team-mate of Chebbak, could become the first player to wear a hijab at a senior women’s tournament if she plays, after FIFA authorized the wearing of hijabs in 2014.

Germany’s coach, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, asserts, “All games are close. Women’s football teams have become increasingly competitive.”

Germany’s key players, Marina Hegering and Lena Oberdorf, face uncertainty due to injuries.

Rachel Brown-Finnis’ prediction: I predict a strong win for Germany. Although still reeling from losing last year’s Euro finals, they will harness that energy positively.

They must be keen to claim the World Cup, having been champions in 2003 and 2006. A loss wouldn’t end Morocco’s chances of advancing, but it’s a formidable task to emulate their men’s team, who reached the semi-finals in Qatar last year. 4-0.

Key stat: Germany’s goal difference in World Cup openers stands at 34-3. They scored at least 10 goals in their opening game twice (11-0 vs Argentina in 2007 and 10-0 vs Ivory Coast in 2015).

Brazil vs Panama

Group F | Adelaide | 12:00 BST | ITV

The eight-time Copa America Femenina winners, Brazil, still haven’t clinched a World Cup title, despite coming second in 2007.

Marta, Brazil’s player, could become the first player – of either gender – to score in six World Cups, though her participation in the game is not certain.

Coach Pia Sundhage mentions, “We won’t necessarily choose the two top forwards. We will select forwards who complement each other.”

For Panama, currently 52nd in the world, this is their maiden World Cup.

Panamanian forward Riley Tanner was born and raised in the United States but chose to play for her mother’s home country, Panama. Her team affectionately calls her ‘Frozen’ because of her supposed resemblance to Elsa, a character from the animated film.

Rachel Brown-Finnis’ prediction: Although I don’t often get to see Brazil play, I am excited to watch both these teams. I can’t see this match ending in a goalless draw. 3-1.

Key stat: Brazil’s Marta holds the record for the highest goals scored at the Women’s World Cup, with 17 goals in 20 matches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fifa Women’s World Cup Preview

Who is potentially making history in the upcoming Fifa Women’s World Cup?

Nouhaila Benzina from Morocco could potentially make history as the first player to wear a hijab, an Islamic headscarf, in a World Cup if she features in the match against Germany.

When and where is the match between Italy and Argentina taking place?

The match between Italy and Argentina is scheduled for 07:00 BST in Auckland.

What is the track record of Brazil in World Cup openers?

Brazil has a strong track record in World Cup openers, having won all eight of their previous opening matches.

Who could be the first player to score in six World Cups?

Marta from Brazil could potentially become the first player, irrespective of gender, to score in six World Cups.

Which team is making their debut in the Women’s World Cup?

Panama is making its debut in this edition of the Women’s World Cup.

What is the notable key stat for Germany in the World Cup?

Germany’s goal difference in World Cup openers is impressive, standing at 34-3. They have scored at least 10 goals in their opening game twice in previous World Cups.

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SoccerLuv July 23, 2023 - 7:06 pm

Lets see if Argentina can finally get a win! been waitin ages for that…

FootyAnalyst July 23, 2023 - 7:55 pm

Germany Vs Morocco, definitely going to be a game to watch. The underdogs always have a surprise up their sleeve.

Ruth19 July 23, 2023 - 8:23 pm

Marta could score in 6 WCs? That’s pretty dope!

BobbyC July 23, 2023 - 9:07 pm

Panama on debut, huh? thats exciting, best of luck to them, they’ll need it against Brazil!

JamesT July 24, 2023 - 12:10 am

wow, can’t wait for these matches! especially keen to see how italy does, they’ve been coming up pretty strong lately.

FootieFan July 24, 2023 - 8:31 am

Its really exciting that Benzina might be the first to wear a hijab in a WC. Changing times indeed!

SportySpice July 24, 2023 - 12:14 pm

The World Cup is always such a thrill! Can’t wait for it to kick off again, hoping for some real surprises this year.


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