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Emma Raducanu reveals she sometimes wishes she never won US Open

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Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu, the remarkable 2021 US Open champion, has opened up about her conflicting emotions surrounding her victory. Despite her flawless performance and becoming the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam, Raducanu confessed that she sometimes wishes she had never won the prestigious tournament. Speaking candidly about her physical and mental struggles since then, the 20-year-old tennis sensation revealed the challenges she has faced.

Raducanu’s path to victory at the US Open was extraordinary, as she didn’t drop a single set throughout the tournament. However, her triumph was followed by a string of injuries, leading to her current sidelining due to wrist and hand surgeries. Reflecting on this difficult period, she shared, “The physical pain was a struggle, but the mental aspect was equally challenging.” In an interview with The Times, the British player expressed her desire to always present her best self but acknowledged the impossibility of achieving that standard.

Recently, Raducanu parted ways with coach Sebastian Sachs, making him her fifth coach in less than two years. Her career in 2023 has been limited to only 10 WTA Tour matches, with five wins, three of which were at Indian Wells. Describing her mindset, she admitted, “My self-worth is closely tied to my accomplishments. If I lost a match, it would deeply affect me, leaving me in a state of mourning, just staring at the wall. I experience emotions with great intensity.”

Despite her initial victory at the US Open, Raducanu’s subsequent Grand Slam performances have been lackluster, and her ranking has plummeted from 10th in July 2022 to 128th. In addition to missing the French Open, she will also be absent from Wimbledon due to minor surgeries on her ankle and hands. Reflecting on her moment of triumph in New York, she reminisced, “At that time on the court, celebrating, I would have willingly traded any struggle in the world for that moment. It was the best thing in the world, and I made a promise to myself.”

However, the journey following her victory has been filled with setbacks, one after another. Raducanu acknowledged the difficulties she has faced and confessed, “Sometimes I think to myself, ‘I wish I had never won the US Open, I wish it never happened.'” Nevertheless, she also reminds herself to recall the purity of that moment and the promise she made. Her fame and success have caused her to mature rapidly, as she admits to being “extremely naive” prior to her rise to prominence.

Raducanu acknowledged the less pleasant aspects of the tour and the industry surrounding it, stating, “It’s not a very nice, trusting, and safe space. You have to be on guard because there are a lot of sharks out there. Many people in the industry, especially considering my age, view me as a piggy bank.” Navigating this landscape has proven challenging, with Raducanu having learned from past experiences and now valuing a small circle of trusted individuals.

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Q: What did Emma Raducanu reveal about her experience after winning the US Open?

A: Emma Raducanu revealed her conflicting emotions and struggles, including physical and mental challenges, injuries, and setbacks in her career since winning the US Open. She also discussed the harsh realities of the tennis industry and the need to mature quickly.

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