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Jennie Gow: BBC Sport presenter makes a triumphant return to Formula 1 after recovering from a stroke

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Jennie Gow

Jennie Gow, the presenter from Sport Newes Center, has made a remarkable comeback to the world of Formula 1 this weekend, marking her first appearance since suffering a stroke in December.

At the British Grand Prix, the 46-year-old had the opportunity to interview Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton for 5 Live, and she is attending the event as a special guest of the sport.

Reflecting on her return, Gow expressed her delight, stating, “It feels wonderful to be back. It’s a surreal experience. Being back in the paddock is quite overwhelming, but seeing everyone has been incredibly welcoming.”

During her time at the British Grand Prix, Gow had the chance to sit down with Hamilton, and she spoke highly of the seven-time champion’s graciousness. She shared, “Mercedes gave me ample time to have a conversation with Lewis before the interview and during the interview itself. He was incredibly understanding of my situation. Although my voice hasn’t fully recovered, and I take a bit longer to process things, he gave me the time I needed.”

“It was like having a pleasant chat with someone I’ve known for a long time,” Gow added.

In addition to her interview with Hamilton, Gow also had the opportunity to interview Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff for Sport Newes Center.

Throughout her recovery, Gow has been actively raising awareness for stroke survivors. She explained, “I’m acutely aware of the importance of representing people who have experienced strokes and their journey of recovery because it’s not always easy. So, I wanted to do justice to them and give it my best.”

Following her work on Thursday, Gow will be present in the paddock throughout the weekend, accompanied by her husband Jamie Coley and their daughter Isabel. She also revealed her plans to attend the Dutch Grand Prix at the end of August, where she will continue her gradual return to broadcasting.

“I’m still assessing my feelings about coming back and gradually getting back into the swing of things,” she stated. “We’ll be going to Zandvoort, and that will be my first official weekend back, allowing me to test the waters.”

Gow mentioned her intention to shadow Rosanna Tennant, who has taken on the role of 5 Live pit-lane reporter this year. Regarding her return to the pit lane, Gow acknowledged the sensory challenges but expressed her eagerness to evaluate her experience and assess how the weekend unfolds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jennie Gow

What event marks Jennie Gow’s return to Formula 1?

Jennie Gow’s return to Formula 1 is marked by her presence at the British Grand Prix, where she conducted interviews and participated as a guest.

When did Jennie Gow suffer a stroke?

Jennie Gow suffered a stroke in December, prior to her return to Formula 1.

Who did Jennie Gow interview at the British Grand Prix?

Jennie Gow had the opportunity to interview Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton during the British Grand Prix.

How did Lewis Hamilton respond to Jennie Gow’s situation?

Lewis Hamilton was understanding and accommodating towards Jennie Gow’s condition, giving her ample time and support during the interview.

What are Jennie Gow’s plans for future Formula 1 events?

Jennie Gow plans to gradually reintegrate herself into broadcasting by attending the Dutch Grand Prix at the end of August, as she takes tentative steps back into her role.

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SpeedRacer87 July 9, 2023 - 3:16 am

jennie gow’s return to f1 after stroke is truly amazing. she interviewed lewis hamilton at the british grand prix! so glad she’s back, it was overwhelmin bein in the paddock!


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