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Jordan Henderson Bids Adieu to Liverpool Fans; Confirms Move Away From the Club

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Jordan Henderson Liverpool departure

Jordan Henderson recollects the jitters he felt when he joined Liverpool from Sunderland back in 2011.

The 33-year-old Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, has verified his departure from the club after a remarkable 12-year tenure, hinting at a potential move to Al-Ettifaq, a Saudi Arabian football team.

As a midfielder, Henderson is on the verge of transitioning to the Saudi Pro League through a transaction valued at approximately £12m, inclusive of add-ons.

Through a heartfelt Instagram post, Henderson made his emotions evident by saying, “Just know, I will always be a Red, until the day I die.”

Under Henderson’s captaincy, Liverpool experienced a resurgence, securing their first Premier League title in 30 years in 2020.

In addition to his Premier League triumph, the England international won numerous trophies, including the Champions League, FA Cup, two League Cups, Uefa Super Cup and Fifa Club World Cup during his tenure at Liverpool.

Henderson is set to reconnect with former Liverpool captain and colleague Steven Gerrard at Al-Ettifaq, where Gerrard now manages the team.

Having moved to the Reds from Sunderland in June 2011 in a deal worth £20m, Henderson made a significant contribution to the club, marking 492 appearances, 33 goals and 57 assists.

In his farewell video shot at Anfield, an emotional Henderson shared, “I’m not sure I have any words to sum up how I’m feeling right now. I’m in the dressing room for the last time so as you can imagine, it’s very emotional.”

Looking back at his journey, Henderson mentioned how difficult it was to leave his childhood club, Sunderland, over a decade ago. However, he knew he couldn’t turn down an opportunity from Liverpool.

Henderson admitted there were challenging times, but it’s the good times that will always dominate his memories of Liverpool. He emphasized that the highest honors at Liverpool were not individual, but collective, the product of shared efforts between the team and fans.

He pinpointed the Champions League final in Madrid and winning the club’s sixth trophy in the competition as the most memorable event, and praised the unparalleled support from fans during the city parade in 2019, dubbing them “the best in the world”.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jordan Henderson Liverpool departure

Is Jordan Henderson leaving Liverpool?

Yes, Jordan Henderson has confirmed his departure from Liverpool after 12 years with the club.

Where is Jordan Henderson going after leaving Liverpool?

While not officially confirmed, it is strongly hinted that Jordan Henderson will be moving to the Saudi Arabian football team, Al-Ettifaq.

How long has Jordan Henderson been with Liverpool?

Jordan Henderson has been with Liverpool for 12 years, having joined the team from Sunderland in June 2011.

What are some of Jordan Henderson’s achievements with Liverpool?

As the captain of Liverpool, Jordan Henderson led the team to their first Premier League title in 30 years in 2020. He also won the Champions League, FA Cup, two League Cups, Uefa Super Cup, and Fifa Club World Cup during his tenure with the club.

Who will Jordan Henderson reunite with at Al-Ettifaq?

Jordan Henderson is set to reunite with former Liverpool captain and colleague, Steven Gerrard, who is currently the manager of Al-Ettifaq.

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MerseysideLover July 26, 2023 - 9:18 pm

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 12 years already! So many memories with him as captain. Will be weird not seeing him on the field.

GerrardFan July 27, 2023 - 12:30 am

Can’t wait to see Gerrard and Henderson team up again at Al-Ettifaq. Surely, they’re going to do great!

EPLWatch July 27, 2023 - 1:05 am

Hendersons departure is gonna leave a big gap in the midfield, Liverpool need to find a solid replacement ASAP!

RedsFan4Ever July 27, 2023 - 3:19 am

Gutted to see Hendo leaving, but wishing him all the best in his new adventure. Once a Red, always a Red, right?

FootballEnthusiast July 27, 2023 - 8:56 am

i didn’t see this coming tbh. hendo is liverpool through and through. all the best in saudi, mate.


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