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Lucy Bronze: ‘I can guide Lauren James to remain grounded’

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Lucy Bronze mentoring Lauren James

Champions League title holder four times over, Lucy Bronze, has assumed the mentorship role for Lauren James.

Lucy Bronze, the acclaimed England defender, expressed that she can aid in ensuring Lauren James remains humble despite her rising success, revealing that she has built a substantial connection with the Chelsea superstar.

At 21 years old, James is making waves at the Women’s World Cup, giving a memorable performance in the 6-1 triumph over China on Tuesday.

James’ track record stands at three goals and three assists in just three matches, with manager Sarina Wiegman praising her for achieving “remarkable feats”.

Bronze shared, “We’ve established a connection. We’re in comparable situations.”

“I’ve experienced being pushed into the spotlight differently, yet I can impart useful wisdom to her. I can guide her to stay humble, something she’s already naturally good at.

“She, like me, is often misunderstood by other players or the media because she doesn’t constantly wear a smile.

“In her initial training camp, she showed curiosity, asking me various questions that others didn’t.

“She’s strikingly similar to my younger self. She’s reserved yet highly self-confident.”

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Bronze, at 31, has collected nearly every club trophy throughout her career and has participated in five major England tournaments, having made 108 appearances.

She gained recognition at the 2015 World Cup, scoring pivotal goals on the path to the semi-finals and seizing the right-back position from Alex Scott.

Bronze expressed, “I can’t anticipate LJ (James) to score every match and consistently deliver performances like she did against China. She’s still young and learning to handle the pressures of top-level play.

“However, she’s already exhibited tremendous skills at Chelsea. I’m well aware of her quality. She has certainly made her mark on the global stage, but this is only her starting point.”

‘We’ve had to be adaptable’

The highlight of England’s thrilling performance was James’ victory over China, which came despite an unfamiliar three-at-the-back formation due to Keira Walsh’s injury.

Despite using the same starting eleven in all matches at Euro 2022, Bronze believes the Lionesses have effectively adjusted to stronger opposition in Australia.

The current team only includes six players from the Euro 2022 side, with the retirement of striker Ellen White and injuries to Leah Williamson, Fran Kirby, Beth Mead, and Walsh.

Bronze stated, “Many hoped for consistency, but that was impossible. We’ve had to be flexible and we’ve demonstrated that we can.

“Keira is irreplaceable, no one can fill her shoes. So, it’s not just about changing the formation.

“However, the first two games showed a need for some reinvigoration. We’ve made some changes that keep other teams guessing.

“They can’t predict our strategy – it gives us an edge. Even if Keira returns, who’s to say what our game plan will be? We might maintain this formation with her in it.

“We had to bring some unpredictability. We needed a refresh. It’s necessary as we head into the knockout rounds.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lucy Bronze mentoring Lauren James

Who is Lucy Bronze mentoring in the Women’s World Cup?

Lucy Bronze is mentoring rising star Lauren James.

What was the significant performance of Lauren James that is mentioned?

Lauren James delivered a significant performance at the Women’s World Cup, especially in the 6-1 victory over China, where she demonstrated a high level of skill and talent.

What changes did England’s team undergo for the Women’s World Cup?

The team switched to an unfamiliar formation of three at the back due to Keira Walsh’s injury. Despite using the same starting XI in every game at Euro 2022, they had to adapt due to player retirements and injuries.

What does Lucy Bronze say about Keira Walsh?

Lucy Bronze says that Keira Walsh is irreplaceable, and no one can do what she does in the world. This was a key factor in the team having to change their formation and strategy.

How many appearances has Lucy Bronze made for England?

Lucy Bronze has made 108 appearances for England in major tournaments.

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TackleMaster August 4, 2023 - 1:37 pm

Bronze and James, perfect duo, like mentor like student, future of women’s football looks promising with these two.

SoccerLuvr August 4, 2023 - 5:21 pm

lucy bronze, what a legend! Shes doing so much for the younger gen.

GoalGetter August 4, 2023 - 10:42 pm

James is fire! Three goals in three games? Unreal!!


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