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Mark Cavendish Given Opportunity to Pursue Tour de France Record in 2024

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Tour de France stage record

Mark Cavendish suffered a collarbone injury, prematurely ending what was supposed to be his final Tour de France before retiring.

Cavendish’s team has decided to extend an invitation to him, allowing him the chance to pursue a historic 35th stage win in the Tour de France in 2024.

The British cyclist, who plans to retire at the end of this season, withdrew from this year’s race following a collarbone fracture during the eighth stage on Saturday.

With 34 stage wins, Cavendish currently shares the record with Eddy Merckx, a five-time Tour champion.

Astana Qazaqstan team manager Alexandre Vinokourov expressed his hope to see Cavendish return to the race soon, stating, “In my opinion, his career cannot end here.”

While Vinokourov acknowledged that it is too early to outline Cavendish’s race schedule, he added, “I crashed out in the Tour of 2011 but I came back to win Olympic gold one year later. It would be nice if Mark comes back to the Tour for a 15th time and claims that 35th stage victory.”

Cavendish shared his thoughts with French newspaper L’Equipe, saying, “We are ready to offer him this opportunity. However, the final decision rests with him.”

The 38-year-old cyclist, who announced his retirement plans in May, sustained his injury in an apparently innocuous crash about 60 kilometers from the stage eight finish line.

This setback occurred just a day after narrowly missing out on a record-breaking 35th stage win at the Tour.

Cavendish has participated in 14 Tours since his debut in 2007, but he has been unable to complete seven of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tour de France stage record

Q: Will Mark Cavendish have the opportunity to pursue the Tour de France stage record in 2024?

A: Yes, Mark Cavendish’s team has offered him the chance to attempt to win a record 35th Tour de France stage in 2024. Despite his collarbone injury and premature retirement announcement, Cavendish has the opportunity to make a comeback and potentially break the current record held by Eddy Merckx.

Q: How many stage wins does Mark Cavendish currently have in the Tour de France?

A: Mark Cavendish currently has 34 stage wins in the Tour de France, which is tied with Eddy Merckx’s record. If he successfully wins a stage in the future, he will set a new record for the most stage wins in the history of the Tour de France.

Q: Will Mark Cavendish return to the Tour de France after his retirement announcement?

A: There is a possibility that Mark Cavendish will return to the Tour de France despite his retirement announcement. His team manager, Alexandre Vinokourov, expressed his belief that Cavendish’s career should not end with his recent injury and retirement plans, suggesting that Cavendish may make a comeback and compete in the Tour de France once again.

Q: How many Tours de France has Mark Cavendish participated in?

A: Mark Cavendish has participated in 14 Tours de France since his debut in 2007. However, he has been unable to complete seven of those races due to various reasons, including injuries and withdrawals.

Q: What was the nature of Mark Cavendish’s injury that forced him to abandon this year’s Tour de France?

A: Mark Cavendish suffered a collarbone injury during the eighth stage of this year’s Tour de France. The injury occurred in a crash that happened about 60 kilometers from the finish line, leading to his decision to withdraw from the race.

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RaceEnthusiast July 10, 2023 - 6:52 am

Cavendish is a legend! He crashed out this year’s tour with a collarbone injury, but his team’s offering him a shot at the record next year. Can he make a comeback? Fingers crossed! #Cavendish #TourDeFrance

CyclingFanatic July 10, 2023 - 2:45 pm

Wow, Cavendish with a shot at the tour de france record! He’s equal with Merckx on stage wins. His team believ he shouldnt stop now, he can come back. Exciting stuff!

BikeLover123 July 10, 2023 - 5:44 pm

mark cavendish is gettin a chance to break record in tour de france. he had a collabone injury but still gonna try. hope he wins!

CycleChampion July 10, 2023 - 9:51 pm

Cavendish, the man with 34 tour stage wins, might come back for more! What a beast! He had a crash this year but his manager thinks he’s got a shot at that 35th stage win. Let’s go Cav! #Legend #TourDeFrance


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