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Mason Greenwood’s Potential Move to Saudi Arabia: A “Very Surprising” Turn for Man Utd Forward

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Since playing last for Manchester United in January 2022, Mason Greenwood’s potential shift to a Saudi Arabian football club has caught the eye of the sports world. A high-ranking league official, speaking to Sport News Center, called the idea “very surprising.”

Greenwood, the 21-year-old forward, is set to depart from Manchester United by a joint agreement, following a six-month probe into his behavior.

This summer, Saudi Arabian teams have been quite generous, inking deals with some of the game’s big stars. Greenwood’s name has been thrown around the boardroom, but at this point, league officials don’t see it as the right play.

Buying players in Saudi Arabia isn’t business as usual. The league takes the lead in negotiating deals, then decides which club gets the player.

Last year marked the launch of the Saudi Women’s Premier League, breaking new ground in the sport. “Breaking records” is how Lamia Bahaian, the Saudi Arabian Football Federation’s first female VP, described women’s football in Saudi on Friday. With an 86% uptick in registered female players and a 56% growth in women’s clubs nationally last year, the sport is indeed booming.

In other news, the government will kick off the women’s league’s second season on October 11. This league has become a symbol of change in the community, marking a significant cultural shift where women’s football, once disapproved of, is now celebrated, complete with a national team and FIFA ranking.

Concerning Greenwood, his situation with Manchester United turned into “a PR nightmare,” as Adam Crafton put it. Arrested in January 2022 over allegations tied to material posted online, charges, including attempted rape and assault, were dropped on February 2, 2023.

Manchester United, in a statement, acknowledged the challenge of Greenwood’s career continuation at Old Trafford. Thus, both parties agreed that a new direction would be best for him.

Tensions were high last week when a group of female United fans protested against Greenwood’s possible return to Old Trafford before the Wolves match. These fans demanded a firm stance against violence towards women.

Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return released a statement condemning any plans for Greenwood’s reintegration, signaling a stance that women’s concerns must not be overlooked.

Greenwood admitted on Monday to making mistakes but denied the specific allegations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Mason Greenwood

What is the potential move for Mason Greenwood that’s being discussed?

Mason Greenwood, the 21-year-old forward, is potentially moving to a club in Saudi Arabia after leaving Manchester United by mutual agreement.

Has Mason Greenwood played for Manchester United recently?

No, Mason Greenwood has not played for Manchester United since January 2022.

What charges were levied against Greenwood?

Greenwood was arrested on allegations including attempted rape and assault, but these charges were dropped on February 2, 2023.

What is the status of women’s football in Saudi Arabia?

Women’s football in Saudi Arabia is experiencing significant growth, with the inauguration of the Saudi Women’s Premier League and an 86% increase in registered female players.

What was the response from fans regarding Greenwood’s potential return to Manchester United?

A group of female Manchester United supporters protested outside Old Trafford against Greenwood’s potential return, demanding a zero-tolerance approach towards violence against women.

How does player acquisition in Saudi Arabia differ from other places?

In Saudi Arabia, the league itself negotiates deals for players and then determines which club they will play for, unlike other countries where clubs negotiate directly.

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FootballGuru August 23, 2023 - 1:06 am

Saudi Arabia handling player deals like that, really different from the rest of the world. Might be something more leagues could learn from.

SoccerFan101 August 23, 2023 - 1:08 am

I cant beleive Greenwood might be going to Saudi Arabia. What a turn of events… Manchester United won’t be the same without him!

UnitedLady August 23, 2023 - 6:53 am

The protest outside Old Trafford was needed! zero tolerance for violence against women should be a given.

RedDevils4Life August 23, 2023 - 11:23 am

Women’s football in Saudi is growing? Thats pretty cool, didn’t know that. Good on them!

GreenwoodSupporter August 23, 2023 - 12:24 pm

charges were dropped right, why are people still protesting Greenwood. hes innocent!

TechyTim August 23, 2023 - 3:03 pm

The way they buy players in Saudi is weird… but maybe it’s innovative? Im curious to see how it plays out in the long run.


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