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Natasha Jonas Makes Boxing History, Securing Two-Weight World Champion Title with TKO Victory over Kandi Wyatt

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Natasha Jonas, hailing from Liverpool, achieved a momentous feat as she clinched the vacant IBF welterweight title and became a two-weight world champion by defeating Kandi Wyatt in Manchester. Throughout the fight, Jonas effortlessly landed blows while Wyatt struggled to mount a significant response, leading the referee to halt the contest in the eighth round.

At the age of 39, Jonas now holds the WBC, WBO, and IBF light-middleweight titles in addition to her latest triumph. Reflecting on her accomplishment, she expressed her gratitude to the fans who invested their hard-earned money to support her, stating, “I can’t sum that up. Thank you to everyone who spent their hard-earned money to be here,” during her interview with Sky Sports.

Having secured her 14th professional victory, Jonas has experienced two losses and a draw thus far in her career. She now eagerly awaits the outcome of the bout between fellow Briton Sandy Ryan and American Jessica McCaskill to determine her next opponent.

Jonas’ victory was a commanding display, although it was an outcome widely anticipated. Some fans expressed frustration that Wyatt, who had lost three of her previous four fights, was able to contend for a vacant world title. Nevertheless, Jonas’ achievement should not be overshadowed as she now holds four world titles in as many fights.

Despite a relatively modest crowd of around 8,000 spectators in the Arena, there was substantial support from Jonas’ loyal Liverpool fans, who made the short journey down the M62 to witness her victory. She delighted her supporters by swiftly asserting her dominance, staggering Wyatt with a powerful left hand followed by a flurry of punches within the opening minute.

Jonas adhered to her corner’s instructions by adopting a more measured pace. With blood trickling from Wyatt’s nose, Jonas showcased her superior skills by skillfully countering her opponent while moving backward, outworking and outjabbing her throughout the match. Notably, a well-executed one-two combination and a precise straight right drew cheers from the crowd in the fifth round, and several more clean punches landed in the sixth.

Wyatt, increasingly frustrated and bearing the marks of the fight, struggled to mount any meaningful offense, resorting to tentative jabs. Jonas, on the other hand, exhibited excellent punch control and technique. Prior to the seventh round, Jonas’ trainer, Joe Gallagher, provided a comprehensive analysis of her performance, mirroring a school report, emphasizing both her strengths and areas for improvement.

The bond between Jonas and Gallagher was evident, and the fighter’s ability to absorb and implement instructions shone through as she landed another impressive left hand in the eighth round, prompting referee Marcus McDonnell to stop the contest.

Looking ahead, Jonas, considering potential retirement next year, seeks notable opponents to conclude her career on a high note. The only accolade that eludes her is an undisputed title, which may be within her grasp as her next challenge. A rematch with Terri Harper, the WBA light-middleweight champion, appears unlikely due to unresolved frustrations stemming from their 2020 world-title bout, which ended in a draw despite Jonas feeling she had emerged victorious.

With her newly acquired IBF welterweight title, Jonas has the option to wait for the winner between Briton Sandy Ryan and American Jessica McCaskill, with the potential to vie for all four belts. Jonas expressed her preference to drop down to the super-lightweight division for an all-English undisputed fight against Chantelle Cameron, who recently defeated Katie Taylor in Dublin. However, Taylor has invoked a rematch clause, potentially altering Jonas’ plans.

But for now, Jonas has only one thing on her mind: a well-deserved holiday. She enthusiastically shared, “All I know next is a holiday. I want to go away for a whole month and enjoy my family.”

In other news, a comedic royal extravaganza featuring Catherine Tate, titled “How will Princess Georgiana cope Down Under?” is set to entertain audiences. Additionally, Greg James, Jimmy Anderson, and Felix White engage in a lively debate about the greatest Ashes XI of the past twenty years, inviting listeners to form their own opinions on the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about boxing history

What titles did Natasha Jonas win in her recent fight?

Natasha Jonas won the vacant IBF welterweight title, making her a two-weight world champion. She is also the reigning WBC, WBO, and IBF light-middleweight champion.

How many professional fights has Natasha Jonas won?

Natasha Jonas has won 14 professional fights so far, with two losses and a draw.

Who could be Natasha Jonas’ next opponent?

Natasha Jonas could potentially face the winner of the fight between fellow Briton Sandy Ryan and American Jessica McCaskill for her next challenge.

Is Natasha Jonas considering retirement?

Yes, Natasha Jonas has indicated that she may retire next year.

What is the possibility of a rematch between Natasha Jonas and Terri Harper?

A rematch between Natasha Jonas and Terri Harper, who holds the WBA title at light-middleweight, seems unlikely as there are unresolved frustrations from their previous fight that ended in a draw.

What is Natasha Jonas’ preference for her next fight?

Natasha Jonas would prefer to drop down to the super-lightweight division for an all-English undisputed fight against Chantelle Cameron, who recently defeated Katie Taylor. However, Katie Taylor has invoked a rematch clause, which could affect Jonas’ plans.

What is Natasha Jonas’ immediate plan after her victory?

Natasha Jonas is looking forward to a well-deserved holiday and intends to spend a whole month enjoying time with her family.

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boxingenthusiast July 2, 2023 - 2:34 pm

what’s next for natasha jonas? i hope she gets a shot at the undisputed title, that would be epic! but a rematch with terri harper sounds interesting too. can’t wait to see her in the ring again!

fightfanatic July 2, 2023 - 11:14 pm

jonas vs cameron would be a dream match! all-english undisputed fight, let’s go! but taylor wants a rematch, it’s gonna be a tough decision for jonas. exciting times ahead!


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