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Ousmane Dembele Set to Transfer to Paris St-Germain, Xavi Confirms

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Ousmane Dembele transfer

Dembele has earned 37 international caps for France

Barcelona’s forward Ousmane Dembele is set to become a Paris St-Germain player, confirms Barcelona’s head coach, Xavi.

The 26-year-old French player didn’t participate in Barcelona’s 1-0 pre-season victory against AC Milan in Las Vegas this Wednesday.

“Dembele has shared that he has an offer and made up his mind to move on. This is entirely his personal choice,” Xavi expressed.

Since transferring from Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona for a fee of £135m in 2017, Dembele has netted 40 times in 185 appearances.

Xavi stated unambiguously, “Dembele has been upfront about having a deal from Paris St-Germain, stating they approached him directly. We’re powerless in this situation, and that’s why he wasn’t on the field today.

“It’s disappointing for me because I believe we’ve done our utmost here to ensure his satisfaction and continual impact for our team.”

Dembele committed his future to Barcelona last year with a two-year contract extension, after a season where he was La Liga’s top assist provider.

During the World Cup final in December, Dembele was a key player for the French team. However, due to a thigh injury, he missed a significant part of the season’s second half, during which Barcelona clinched the championship title.

In the recent 3-0 victory over Real Madrid in Dallas, during the second game of their pre-season American tour, Dembele managed to find the back of the net.

Paris St-Germain has dominated French football, clinching the Ligue 1 title nine times in the previous 11 seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ousmane Dembele transfer

Who is Ousmane Dembele?

Ousmane Dembele is a professional footballer from France who plays as a forward. As of the writing of this article, he is set to transfer from Barcelona to Paris St-Germain.

Where is Ousmane Dembele transferring?

Ousmane Dembele is transferring from Barcelona to Paris St-Germain, according to Barcelona’s head coach, Xavi.

How many goals has Ousmane Dembele scored for Barcelona?

Ousmane Dembele has scored 40 goals in 185 games for Barcelona.

What was the transfer fee when Ousmane Dembele joined Barcelona?

When Ousmane Dembele transferred from Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona in 2017, the transfer fee was £135m.

What is Ousmane Dembele’s international record?

Ousmane Dembele has won 37 caps for France and was part of the team that reached the World Cup final.

Why didn’t Ousmane Dembele play in the pre-season friendly against AC Milan?

Dembele didn’t play in the pre-season friendly against AC Milan because of his pending transfer to Paris St-Germain.

How successful has Paris St-Germain been in recent seasons?

Paris St-Germain has been quite successful, winning Ligue 1, the top-tier league in French football, in nine out of the past 11 seasons.

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footyFan101 August 2, 2023 - 9:10 am

Can’t believe Dembele’s leaving Barca! Thats football I guess, all about the $$. Good luck to him at PSG, they’re building quite a team over there!

ParisianPride August 2, 2023 - 10:55 am

Yes! We’re getting Dembele. PSG’s gonna be unstoppable next season. Can’t wait!

LaLigaLover August 2, 2023 - 3:02 pm

what?! first messi now dembele, whats happening to barca.. they’re losing all their stars!

CatalanCritic August 2, 2023 - 5:19 pm

Seriously, another one bites the dust… Dembele was a bright spot in our squad. Big loss, hope the management knows what they’re doing!

SoccerSavant August 2, 2023 - 6:22 pm

it’s not just about the player, it’s about the system, Barca still has a good squad. Let’s wait and watch, things change fast in football.


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