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Panama 3-6 France: Herve Renard criticises French attitude despite topping World Cup group

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France manager Herve Renard expressed his disapproval of the French team’s attitude despite their victory over Panama in the Women’s World Cup. Although France secured a 6-3 win and topped Group F, Renard criticized his players for taking their foot off the gas when they were leading 5-1. He believed that their lapse in focus and complacency were evident during the match. Renard also used the opportunity to remind the players not to take anything for granted and stressed the importance of maintaining a competitive mindset.

The match saw France’s Kadi Diani shine with a hat-trick, and Panama’s Marta Cox scored a brilliant free-kick that caught everyone’s attention. Despite the loss, Panama’s young squad showed promise and gained valuable experience from their debut appearance in the tournament.

Looking ahead to the knockout stages, France, despite facing some challenges in the group stage, appears to be a formidable contender for the later rounds. The team is determined to improve and maintain their focus, as Renard hinted at possible changes to the starting lineup based on player performances.

As for Panama, even though they couldn’t progress to the last 16, their captain Marta Cox’s outstanding free-kick was a standout moment in the tournament. The young team can take pride in their performances and learn from the experience gained in the World Cup. Despite their defeat, there were positive moments for Panama, with Yomira Pinzon and Lineth Cedeno also contributing goals.

Overall, France’s victory and progression to the knockout stages demonstrate their potential to be a strong force in the tournament. However, Renard’s criticism indicates that they must remain focused and committed to secure further success in the Women’s World Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women’s World Cup

Question: What was the final score of the Women’s World Cup match between France and Panama?

Answer: The final score was 6-3 in favor of France. France secured a 6-3 victory over Panama, finishing on top of Group F in the Women’s World Cup.

Question: Why was France’s manager, Herve Renard, critical of his team’s performance despite their win?

Answer: Herve Renard criticized his team’s attitude during the match. He felt that some players eased off when they were leading 5-1, showing complacency. Renard emphasized the importance of not taking anything for granted and maintaining focus.

Question: Who were the standout players in the match?

Answer: Kadi Diani from France and Marta Cox from Panama were standout players. Diani scored a hat-trick for France, while Cox impressed with a stunning free-kick goal for Panama.

Question: How did Panama perform in the Women’s World Cup overall?

Answer: Panama, as debutants in the tournament, had a challenging run and didn’t progress to the last 16. However, they showed promise and gained valuable experience, with Cox’s remarkable free-kick being a memorable moment.

Question: What is France’s outlook for the knockout stages of the Women’s World Cup?

Answer: Despite facing some difficulties in the group stage, France appears to be a strong contender for the knockout rounds. Manager Herve Renard hinted at possible changes in the starting lineup and emphasized the need for improvement and focus in the later stages of the tournament.

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