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Rugby ‘the way to unify’ Africa with ‘better virtues’ than football – Mensah

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African Rugby Development

Herbert Mensah, the newly elected president of Rugby Africa, is on a mission to spread the sport across the continent, and he believes it has the potential to address social and political issues. In a recent interview, Mensah passionately advocated for rugby to be introduced into every African school, emphasizing the values of solidarity, respect, and teamwork that the sport instills.

He firmly believes that rugby can serve as a unifying force in regions affected by conflict and instability, such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. According to Mensah, it’s time for Africa to invest in rugby as a means to engage young people, promote cross-border interactions, and foster unity. He believes that nobody will stop a young kid from playing rugby and crossing borders without fear, and he envisions rugby as a sport for everyone.

Mensah acknowledges the challenges facing African rugby, including financial constraints and the dominance of South Africa on the international stage. He emphasizes the need for increased investment and support from governments and organizations like the African Union. He also advocates for changes in World Rugby’s funding to better support African nations and provide more opportunities for competitions and development.

One of Mensah’s concerns is the allocation of World Cup spots, with Africa currently receiving only one automatic qualification place, while the Americas receive two. He argues that this allocation is unfair and that Africa is in danger of being left behind. He calls for more investment in African rugby to improve its quality and competitiveness.

As Mensah seeks outside investment to grow rugby in Africa, he understands the importance of maintaining a positive image for the sport. He aims to make Rugby Africa the “gold standard” for sporting administrative bodies on the continent, addressing issues within national member associations and conducting a constitutional review to improve the organization’s operations.

In his quest to turn rugby into a pan-African sport, Herbert Mensah is determined to overcome challenges and promote the sport’s values and potential as a unifying force across the continent. Rugby enthusiasts and supporters of African development will be watching closely as Mensah works to make his vision a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about African Rugby Development

What is Herbert Mensah’s vision for rugby in Africa?

Herbert Mensah’s vision is to make rugby a widespread sport in Africa, believing it can unify people and address social and political challenges through its values of solidarity, respect, and teamwork.

How does Mensah plan to implement his vision?

He plans to introduce rugby into African schools, seek funding from organizations like the European Union and build a strategic relationship with the African Union. He also aims to increase investment in African rugby and improve its competitiveness.

What are the challenges facing African rugby?

Challenges include financial constraints, the dominance of South Africa in international rugby, and limited World Cup spots for African teams. Mensah advocates for more investment, fairer funding distribution, and additional World Cup berths for the continent.

How does Mensah intend to improve the image of rugby in Africa?

He aims to establish Rugby Africa as the “gold standard” for sporting administrative bodies, address issues within national member associations, and conduct a constitutional review to enhance operations.

What is the significance of Mensah’s mission for African sports and unity?

Mensah’s mission represents an opportunity to use rugby as a catalyst for positive change, youth engagement, and continental unity in Africa. It has the potential to impact both the sport and the broader social and political landscape.

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