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Singapore Grand Prix: Something ‘truly remarkable’ required to save Red Bull’s winning run

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Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend promises to be a departure from the norm, as Red Bull’s incredible winning streak faces a serious challenge. Max Verstappen, who arrived in Singapore riding a wave of 10 consecutive victories, is set to start the race from a surprising 11th position on the grid, with his teammate Sergio Perez a couple of places behind.

Now, usually, a Red Bull on any other track would still be the favorite for a win, given Verstappen’s prowess and the car’s exceptional performance in races throughout 2023. But Singapore is no ordinary circuit. It’s a place where overtaking is a bit like trying to parallel park a cruise ship – challenging, to say the least.

Verstappen, despite his incredible track record of coming back through the field, isn’t optimistic about making it back to the podium this time around. Last year, under similar circumstances, he started eighth and could only manage seventh.

So, what’s gone awry for the dominant Red Bull team? Surprisingly, it’s their biggest strength that seems to be causing the hiccup. The Red Bull car is a beast when it comes to races, but in qualifying, it tends to struggle. This oddity can be attributed to the way it handles its tires.

The Red Bull car is gentle on its rubber, suffering less from tire degradation than any other car on the grid. This allows it to maintain speed for longer durations. However, this quality doesn’t play well during qualifying sessions, where drivers need to quickly bring the tires up to temperature. This brings Red Bull closer to the rest of the pack on Saturdays.

Before Singapore, other teams had occasionally managed to score pole positions, a testament to this peculiar performance spectrum. The specific characteristics of the Marina Bay circuit have amplified this issue. The low-abrasion street circuit with low-speed, short-duration corners has made it challenging to get the tires up to temperature, and the lack of high-speed corners and straights has further hampered the Red Bull’s strengths.

Team principal Christian Horner expressed his frustration, citing understeer, oversteer, braking issues, and difficulties getting the tires into the right working window. With both drivers starting outside the top 10 on a track that’s notoriously hard to overtake on, Red Bull faces an uphill battle.

So, is a win out of the question for Verstappen? If it remains dry, the odds aren’t in his favor. However, if it rains, that could shake things up. Regardless, it would take something truly extraordinary to end Red Bull’s winning streak on Sunday.

With Red Bull sidelined, Ferrari appears poised to seize the opportunity. Carlos Sainz has been on top of his game, securing his second consecutive pole position. His teammate, Charles Leclerc, who’s usually strong on this circuit, finds himself in third place, sandwiched between Mercedes driver George Russell. The front three are separated by a mere 0.078 seconds, setting the stage for an exciting race.

Adding to the intrigue, both Russell and Lewis Hamilton, starting fifth, have a second set of new medium tires available, potentially giving them a strategic edge. If tire degradation becomes a factor, they could employ a two-stop strategy, putting pressure on Ferrari.

While Verstappen’s chances seem slim, never count out the Dutchman and Red Bull completely. However, the consensus among the top drivers is that the race is likely to be fought among the top five cars on the grid. Lando Norris, in his upgraded McLaren, is another contender in the mix.

So, the Singapore Grand Prix promises a thrilling showdown with Red Bull facing an unusual challenge, Ferrari looking to capitalize, and Mercedes ready to exploit their strategic advantage. It’s a race that could defy expectations and deliver unexpected twists and turns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Singapore Grand Prix

Q: Why is Max Verstappen starting 11th in the Singapore Grand Prix?

A: Max Verstappen’s 11th-place start in the Singapore Grand Prix is due to the unique performance characteristics of the Red Bull car. While it excels in races with its gentle tire usage, it struggles in qualifying sessions where quick tire warm-up is crucial. This, combined with the challenging Marina Bay circuit, has led to his lower starting position.

Q: Is there a chance for Verstappen to win the race?

A: If the race remains dry, Verstappen’s chances of winning are slim. However, if rain enters the equation, it could change the dynamics, though it would still require something exceptional to end Red Bull’s winning streak.

Q: How is Ferrari positioned in this race?

A: Ferrari is well-placed for the Singapore Grand Prix, with Carlos Sainz securing pole position. Charles Leclerc, despite his previous successes on this circuit, starts in third place. The front three are incredibly close in terms of lap times, setting the stage for a competitive race.

Q: What advantage do Mercedes drivers have?

A: Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have a strategic advantage with a second set of new medium tires available. If tire degradation becomes a factor, they could employ a two-stop strategy, potentially putting pressure on Ferrari.

Q: Who are the key contenders in this race?

A: The top contenders in the Singapore Grand Prix are expected to be the drivers starting in the top five positions. This includes Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc, George Russell, and Lando Norris, in addition to Max Verstappen. However, the race could still hold surprises.

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