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IT APPEARS as though the UNM women’s basketball team will have to carry the torch to Las Vegas to motivate Lobo fans to head that way for the MWC Tournament in March. With the conference’s best fan base and a senior laden team, it’s time to extract some revenge on previous bitter tournament losses to Boise State, Fresno State and UNLV and get that elusive Mike Bradbury era NCAA bid.
— Joseph
HOUSTON BAPTIST, the Lobos’ season opening football opponent, had their quarterback, Bailey Zappe, transfer to Western Kentucky. I guess that’s a good thing as the Lobos probably would have lost that game to the otherwise winless Huskies. Zappe, however, had some players to block for him as he led the NCAA in passing for the Hilltoppers, throwing for an astounding 5,967 yards passing and 62 touchdowns, which are new NCAA records. Had he transferred to UNM, he, too, would have been running for his life in the backfield and probably been injured with his magical season becoming a nightmare.
— ABQ Lobo
Editor’s note: The Lobo men played late Tuesday at UNLV; meanwhile, a few reactions to the Saturday night home loss to Utah State:
… A FEW THINGS come to mind. First, it just doesn’t seem right to see Sean Bairstow in a Utah State uniform. Secondly, surely this must be the eighth year of eligibility for Justin Bean. After his normal four years, perhaps he did a Mormon mission and regained another four years of eligibility. And lastly, oh how UNM needs a big man who can add an inside presence. We can only hope.
— Bob, UNM Area
SO HOW MANY layups can the Lobos give up? Too many to count. Where is the zone defense?
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