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St Mirren 2-2 Aberdeen: Last-Minute Penalty by Bojan Miovski Shakes Up Paisley Squad

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St Mirren vs Aberdeen Drama

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Bojan Miovski secured an improbable tie for Aberdeen.

In a display of last-gasp drama, Bojan Miovski’s stoppage-time penalty in the 100th minute thwarted St Mirren’s chances of a third consecutive victory in the Scottish Premiership. Aberdeen managed to eke out a point in Paisley, leaving St Mirren shocked and their perfect record tarnished.

Enjoying a two-point lead at the top of the charts, St Mirren was left slack-jawed when Miovski effortlessly netted a penalty, capitalizing on Alex Gogic’s untimely handball.

Going into the second half trailing due to Jonny Hayes’ misleading free-kick that fooled goalkeeper Zach Hemming, Stephen Robinson’s crew re-established their control post-intermission and were rewarded for their dominant gameplay.

Greg Kiltie’s penalty came just shy of the 60th minute, following a handball call on Angus MacDonald. Subsequently, fellow sub Alex Greive netted a seemingly decisive goal with only 14 minutes to spare.

Up to that point, St Mirren had two goals disallowed for offsides, from Keanu Baccus and Kiltie, and they put pressure on Aberdeen’s goalkeeper, Kelle Roos, with numerous challenging shots. They were a force of nature against a bewildered Aberdeen side.

However, the tables turned when Gogic blocked Leighton Clarkson’s shot with his arm, offering Aberdeen a barely-deserved reprieve.

Further drama ensued after Miovski’s penalty as he stumbled while taking the shot, making contact with the ball twice. Despite a VAR review, the goal was upheld, leaving St Mirren flabbergasted over their stolen victory.

What Went Down

St Mirren was a powerhouse that should have won; they’ll play worse games this season and walk away with three points. Stephen Robinson must be scratching his head over how his team missed out on setting a 75-year record for a perfect start to the Premiership season.

The team was a well-oiled machine, especially in the wing-back and forward positions. Ryan Strain, Kiltie, and Conor McMenamin were, yet again, in superb form.

As for Aberdeen, this may be the lowest they’ve sunk under manager Barry Robson. Their gameplay seemed aimless; opting for long balls despite lacking a focal point upfront. The defensive trio of MacDonald, Slobodan Rubezic, and Jack MacKenzie seemed unfamiliar and it showed. St Mirren ran them ragged.

Yes, they have an important match against Swedish champions Hacken, but if they want to survive the grueling schedule, they need to shape up and fast. They remain winless and can’t afford to keep dropping points like hot potatoes.

Managerial Takes

St Mirren’s Stephen Robinson lauded his players: “They were magnificent. We were the dominant force from the word ‘go.’ Against a quality Aberdeen side, we made them look pedestrian.”

Aberdeen’s Barry Robson was less enthused: “We were sluggish across the board. This is what happens when you play intensely against Hacken and then face Scotland’s form team. I’m only pleased that we somehow hung in there.”

What’s on the Horizon?

Next, St Mirren will be taking their skills to Livingston in the Premiership this coming Saturday at 15:00 BST, ahead of the international break. Meanwhile, Aberdeen is hosting Hibernian on Sunday at 15:00, following their second leg against Hacken on Thursday at 19:45.

By the Numbers

  • Possession: St Mirren 47% – Aberdeen 53%
  • Shots: St Mirren 13 – Aberdeen 4
  • Shots on Target: St Mirren 6 – Aberdeen 2
  • Corners: St Mirren 4 – Aberdeen 3
  • Fouls: St Mirren 9 – Aberdeen 14

Player of the Match: Jonny Hayes

Hayes ended the game with an average rating of 6.41, but it was a close contest with St Mirren’s Greg Kiltie, who clocked in an average rating of 6.33.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about St Mirren vs Aberdeen Drama

What was the final score between St Mirren and Aberdeen?

The final score was a 2-2 draw, thanks to a last-minute penalty by Bojan Miovski for Aberdeen.

Who scored the dramatic last-minute penalty?

Bojan Miovski of Aberdeen scored the last-minute penalty during the 10th minute of stoppage time.

How close was St Mirren to making history?

St Mirren was on the verge of winning their first three top-flight Scottish Premiership games for the first time in 75 years before the draw.

What were the crucial moments for St Mirren in the game?

Greg Kiltie leveled the score with a penalty just before the 60th minute. Alex Greive, a substitute, scored what looked like a winning goal with 14 minutes left. Additionally, St Mirren had two goals disallowed for offsides.

How did Aberdeen perform?

Aberdeen’s performance was lackluster and disorganized, looking worst under their current manager, Barry Robson. They managed to secure a draw through a barely-deserved penalty.

What was the controversy surrounding Bojan Miovski’s penalty?

Miovski appeared to slip and make double contact with the ball as he took the penalty. Despite a VAR check, the goal was upheld.

Who was the player of the match?

Jonny Hayes was named player of the match with an average rating of 6.41. However, Greg Kiltie of St Mirren also put in an outstanding performance, with a close average rating of 6.33.

What are the next matches for St Mirren and Aberdeen?

St Mirren will face Livingston in the Premiership next Saturday before the international break. Aberdeen will host Hibernian on Sunday, following their second leg against Swedish champions Hacken on Thursday.

How did the managers react to the game’s outcome?

St Mirren’s manager Stephen Robinson praised his team’s outstanding play. Aberdeen’s manager Barry Robson admitted his team was sluggish and needs to improve.

What were the match stats?

St Mirren had 47% possession, 13 shots, 6 shots on target, 4 corners, and committed 9 fouls. Aberdeen had 53% possession, 4 shots, 2 shots on target, 3 corners, and committed 14 fouls.

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MelodyQueen August 27, 2023 - 9:39 pm

Wow, talk bout a rollercoaster of emotions. St Mirren will have nightmares bout that penalty. But they played some sweet football, no lie.

SportyG33k August 28, 2023 - 4:27 am

Man, what a game! St Mirren was killin’ it, and then boom, a penalty in the 10th min of stoppage time? You can’t write this stuff!

StrummerFan August 28, 2023 - 4:41 am

That match was more exciting than the last gig I went to. And that’s sayin’ something. Rock on, St Mirren. You’ll get ’em next time.

GadgetGuru August 28, 2023 - 7:06 am

Is it just me or should we get some tech to prevent those double kicks? Like some kinda sensor on the ball or something.

Cineplexed August 28, 2023 - 7:47 am

Feels like a movie script with that late drama. Somebody get Hollywood on the line. Seriously tho, St Mirren deserved the win.

TechTonic August 28, 2023 - 10:39 am

That VAR check had me on edge, man. I mean, the guy slips, kicks it twice, and it’s still a goal? What’s the point of VAR then?

SoccerSage August 28, 2023 - 10:47 am

Aberdeen needs to get their act together. Lucky point, but they can’t rely on luck all season. Robson better have a plan.

ReelCritic August 28, 2023 - 12:47 pm

This match was like a thriller movie with a twist ending. No one saw that penalty coming. Kudos to St Mirren tho, they were the better side.


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