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Steve Hansen: Former All Blacks Coach Joins Forces with Eddie Jones’ Australia

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In a twist of fate that has left rugby enthusiasts buzzing, former New Zealand World Cup-winning coach Steve Hansen is gearing up to lend his expertise to Australia’s preparations for their upcoming clash against France. The news has ignited both excitement and intrigue, especially after Eddie Jones’ England pulled off a stunning victory against Hansen’s New Zealand at the 2019 World Cup.

Dane Coles, a formidable figure in the All Blacks lineup, confessed to being “gobsmacked” upon hearing that Hansen would be assisting the Wallabies. The surprise factor only escalated when New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins humorously mused about stripping Hansen of his citizenship, albeit in jest.

Hansen’s foray into helping out Australia’s coaching team is not just a random act of sports camaraderie. The seasoned coach revealed that he was responding to a personal request from Eddie Jones, the mastermind behind England’s triumph over Hansen’s former team. The dynamic between the two is akin to “a mate coming in and having a beer,” Jones quipped, “asking him, ‘what do you think, where can we improve?'”

While the headlines might suggest a monumental shift, Hansen was quick to downplay the extent of his involvement. Addressing speculations, he clarified during an interview with New Zealand radio station Newstalk ZB that he hasn’t taken up permanent residence in the Wallabies camp. “I’d just like to put everybody’s mind at rest that I haven’t joined the Wallabies for the Rugby World Cup,” Hansen clarified, emphasizing that his presence is a short-term arrangement to aid a friend. “Rugby is bigger than all of us, so I’m happy to do that,” he added in his signature composed demeanor.

Eddie Jones’ journey as the head coach of the Wallabies has encountered a rocky start, with his team suffering defeats in all four games since he took over from Dave Rennie in January. This strategic alliance with Hansen comes at a crucial juncture, as Australia readies itself for the final warm-up game against France before the World Cup kicks off. Hansen’s discerning eye is set to scrutinize “training quality” and “leadership” aspects throughout the week.

The camaraderie between Hansen and Jones has a remarkable history dating back to 1998. Despite being adversaries on the field, their rapport off the field has blossomed into a partnership founded on mutual respect and shared insights. “We have brought in Steve to have a look at what we are doing,” Jones explained, a testament to the value they place on each other’s perspectives.

The Australian players, spearheaded by the newly appointed captain Will Skelton, have reportedly welcomed Hansen’s presence with open arms. Jones acknowledged that Hansen’s feedback has already proven to be a goldmine of “wisdom.” As Australia gears up to face Wales, Fiji, Georgia, and Portugal in their World Cup pool, the fusion of coaching brilliance between Hansen and Jones could be the secret weapon that propels the Wallabies to new heights on the global rugby stage.

So, whether you’re a die-hard rugby fan or just a casual observer, keep your eyes peeled for the sparks that fly when two rugby masterminds put their heads together. The field of play might be where the game is won, but the sidelines are where strategies are hatched, friendships are kindled, and legends are born.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Collaborative Coaching

Who is Steve Hansen?

Steve Hansen is a former New Zealand rugby coach who led the All Blacks to victory in the 2015 World Cup.

What is his role with Australia’s team?

Hansen is voluntarily helping Australia’s coach, Eddie Jones, by providing feedback and insights for a few days.

What’s the significance of this collaboration?

Hansen’s assistance comes as Australia prepares for a crucial game against France before the Rugby World Cup.

How did Eddie Jones react to Hansen’s involvement?

Eddie Jones likened their relationship to friends having a casual chat over a beer, discussing ways to improve the team.

Has Hansen joined the Wallabies permanently?

No, Hansen clarified that his role is temporary, aimed at supporting his friend Eddie Jones and contributing his expertise.

How has Eddie Jones fared as the Wallabies’ coach?

Since taking over from Dave Rennie, Jones has experienced a tough start, losing all four of his games in charge.

What will Hansen focus on during his time with Australia?

Hansen will evaluate training quality and leadership aspects, providing valuable insights to elevate Australia’s performance.

What’s the history between Hansen and Jones?

Hansen and Jones have had a relationship dating back to 1998, marked by mutual respect and a shared passion for rugby.

How have the Australian players responded to Hansen’s presence?

The players, led by captain Will Skelton, have welcomed Hansen’s arrival, appreciating his wisdom and input.

What challenges does Australia face in the upcoming World Cup?

Australia’s World Cup pool includes matches against Wales, Fiji, Georgia, and Portugal, making preparation crucial.

What can rugby enthusiasts expect from this collaboration?

The alliance between Hansen and Jones could potentially inject fresh strategies and perspectives, impacting Australia’s performance positively.

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