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Sunny Edwards: World champion does not rule out future fight with brother Charlie

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Eddie Hearn and Sunny Edwards Respond to Charlie Edwards’ Challenge

Sunny Edwards, the reigning world champion, is open to the idea of a future boxing match against his brother Charlie, defying the norms of sibling rivalry.

Sunny, who remains undefeated, is set to defend his IBF world flyweight title against Andres Campos at Wembley’s OVO Arena on Saturday.

However, the 27-year-old hasn’t dismissed the possibility of facing his older brother, Charlie, aged 30, after being publicly called out by him.

“In today’s world, some people crave attention when they feel they haven’t received enough,” Sunny expressed to Sport Newes Center. “I’m willing to fight anyone. I’ve spent my entire life battling him in the ring and sparring with him.”

Whether such a fight will materialize depends on various factors, including the approval of a governing body, the willingness of both brothers, and whether they desire it.

Sunny will defend his IBF title for the sixth time against the undefeated Chilean fighter, Andres Campos, who boasts a professional record of 15 wins.

The fight between Sunny and Campos will be the main event in a triple-header of world title fights. Ellie Scotney will challenge Cherneka Johnson for the IBF super-bantamweight title, and Nina Hughes will defend her WBA bantamweight title against Katie Healy.

Britons Successfully Weigh in for World Title Triple-Header

From a Family Feud to Boxing Gloves

Since long before the public fallout, Sunny and Charlie Edwards had severed communication.

When Sunny signed with Matchroom Boxing earlier this year, Charlie, a former WBC flyweight world champion, initially congratulated his brother but swiftly added, “When you’re ready for a real big fight, get on the phone, Eddie [Hearn, Matchroom promoter], give me a call.”

Charlie vacated his world title in 2019, citing issues with making the 112lb weight. He has since moved up two weight divisions to bantamweight. Following an 18-month hiatus from the ring, he made a low-profile return, defeating Peruvian Darwin Perez on points in an untelevised small hall show in Manchester.

“I hope he reaches a point where he no longer feels the need to challenge his younger brother,” Sunny remarked. “There are 1,500 bantamweights in the world, and I haven’t heard him call out any of them, but he’s calling out a flyweight.”

Sunny has even offered to manage Charlie’s career, expressing his love for his brother despite acknowledging his flaws. He added, “Right now, many fighters could learn from Charlie Edwards’ story. You can’t become complacent and assume you’ve made it. The rent is due all the time. You can’t take an 18-month break.”

“It’s Turned Ugly,” Remarks Hearn

Former flyweight world champion Charlie Edwards has recorded 17 wins and suffered one loss.

While boxing has witnessed famous brothers like Juan Manuel and Rafael Marquez, Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, and Michael and Leon Spinks compete at the highest level, the Edwards brothers’ potential match would be unprecedented due to their shared bloodline.

Sunny and Charlie’s father, Larry Edwards, has always desired to see his sons face each other in the ring, despite the disagreement between them.

Some fans argue that such a fight would tarnish the sport and its values, comparing it to the world of YouTuber boxing, where entertainment and viewership figures often overshadow the sport’s best interests.

Eddie Hearn, who is uncertain about promoting Edwards vs. Edwards, shared his conflicting thoughts: “I don’t like it; I believe families shouldn’t argue, let alone fight. To my knowledge, it has never happened at this level before. My initial reaction would be to sit down and try to resolve this in the office. However, it seems things have turned ugly.”

After a brief pause, Hearn acknowledged that a fight between the Edwards brothers would generate tremendous interest and viewership. He confessed, “We’ve seen all these YouTubers and non-fighters, but watching brothers challenge each other for a world title, one of whom is a former champion—I have to admit, despite my reservations, it does pique my curiosity.”

Sunny Aims to Impress on a New Platform

Sunny Edwards, known for his witty and playful persona on Twitter, has invited fans into engaging conversations. He even once invited a troll to settle their differences in the boxing gym.

Hearn praised Sunny, saying, “Sunny Edwards does as he pleases. Whether he is liked or disliked, he doesn’t care, but this kid can fight.”

Hailing from Croydon, Sunny, previously associated with Probellum, will now compete under the Matchroom banner for the first time, believing that it has injected new life into his career.

He has distanced himself from Daniel Kinahan and the management company MTK Global. Kinahan, an Irishman, faced sanctions from US authorities last year due to his alleged involvement with an international organized crime group.

Sunny expressed, “I am now on a new platform with a new broadcaster, potentially new viewers. I aim not only to win but also to leave a lasting impression.”

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BoxingFan89 June 10, 2023 - 8:30 am

Wow, it’s crazy to think that Sunny and Charlie Edwards might actually fight each other! Can’t believe they’re taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Would be a huge clash between these two talented brothers.

SportsEnthusiast123 June 10, 2023 - 8:30 am

Sunny Edwards seems open to the idea of facing his older brother in the ring. It’s interesting how family dynamics can play out in professional sports. Wonder if they’ll actually make it happen and how the boxing world would react.

FightNightWatcher June 10, 2023 - 8:30 am

The Edwards brothers have quite a complicated relationship, but that’s not stopping the possibility of a future fight. It’s always intriguing when family members compete against each other, even though it can bring some complications. I’m curious to see if this match ever materializes.

FanaticFighter June 10, 2023 - 8:30 am

I can’t believe that Charlie Edwards is calling out his little brother! It’s like a family drama unfolding in the boxing world. I have mixed feelings about this potential fight, but it would definitely generate a lot of buzz and interest. Will they settle their differences in the ring? Time will tell!

SportsTalker55 June 10, 2023 - 8:30 am

Eddie Hearn seems torn about promoting a fight between the Edwards brothers. I get his concerns about family disputes turning ugly, but you can’t deny the intrigue and potential viewership it would generate. The boxing world loves its rivalries, and this one would be personal.


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