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Terence Crawford Triumphs Over Errol Spence Jr, Clinching Uncontested Welterweight Title

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undisputed welterweight title

Errol Spence Jr encountered a major defeat, experiencing three knockouts in a match largely controlled by Terence Crawford.

Crawford methodically dismantled Spence Jr, claiming the title as the undisputed welterweight champion in the four-belt era.

The 35-year-old WBO champion delivered three knockouts before the referee called a halt to the match in the ninth round, stripping Spence Jr of his WBC, WBA (Super), and IBF titles. This victory signifies Crawford’s unprecedented achievement of earning undisputed titles in two weight categories.

“I always strive for greatness; no one had faith in my abilities as I was rising through the ranks,” reflected Crawford.

Heading into the Las Vegas showdown, Spence Jr, aged 33, boasted an unblemished record of 28 fights, with this marking his eighth consecutive world title bout.

However, Crawford, competing in his 18th straight championship match, demonstrated his worthiness as the world’s premier boxer, expanding his victory streak to 40 fights at T-Mobile Arena.

“This victory holds immense value for me given the stature of the opponent I seized the titles from,” he added.

He further expressed, “I was constantly criticized, and I prayed for an opportunity to prove my worth to the world. Tonight, I believe I demonstrated my greatness.”

Crawford showed openness towards a second fight, given Spence has the chance to call for an immediate rematch.

As Crawford Overpowers Spence to Secure Uncontested Crown

“I’m confident the fans would be thrilled,” he said.

“If a rematch happens, I’m certain everyone will turn out in full force to support us.”

Crawford’s Strategy Outsmarts Spence’s Bravery
Terence Crawford continues his undefeated streak, boasting 40 professional wins

Despite being the unified champion, Spence entered the ring first, a decision resulting from a coin toss at the previous news conference. This was the first time Spence walked second since he defeated Kell Brook for his first world title in 2017.

The spectators at the T-Mobile Arena, evidently more supportive of Crawford, were ecstatic when Eminem, the American rap superstar, made an appearance alongside Crawford.

The match, one of the most anticipated in the last two decades, saw both fighters cautious in the opening round. Crawford quickly seized control, dropping Spence with a powerful counter one-two.

Crawford’s speed and timing proved too much for Spence, who struggled to land effective punches. Crawford continued his assault, dealing a series of successful combinations.

In the seventh round, Crawford intensified his attack, knocking down Spence for the second time. Despite quick recovery, Spence struggled to regain stability, and Crawford capitalized on this weakness.

The eighth round showcased Crawford’s supremacy as he cleverly used his jab to confound Spence. By the ninth round, the match concluded with the referee stepping in to protect a battered Spence.

After checking on his defeated opponent, Crawford jubilantly celebrated his victory, echoing his earlier assertion that the winner could claim the title as the best fighter across all weight divisions. Few would disagree after witnessing Crawford’s dominant performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about undisputed welterweight title

1. What was the outcome of the match between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr?

Terence Crawford emerged victorious, defeating Errol Spence Jr to become the undisputed welterweight champion.

2. How did Terence Crawford win the title?

Crawford won the title by delivering three knockdowns to Errol Spence Jr before the referee stopped the contest in the ninth round.

3. What titles did Crawford strip from Spence Jr?

Terence Crawford took away Errol Spence Jr’s WBC, WBA (Super), and IBF titles in addition to being the WBO champion himself.

4. Was this the first time Crawford won undisputed titles in two weight classes?

Yes, this victory made Terence Crawford the first boxer to win undisputed titles in two different weight categories.

5. How many consecutive wins does Crawford have now?

With this win, Terence Crawford extended his unbeaten streak to 40 professional fights.

6. Can Spence Jr request a rematch?

Yes, Errol Spence Jr has the option to call for an immediate rematch after this defeat.

7. Did Crawford express interest in a rematch?

Terence Crawford stated that he is open to agreeing on a second fight with Spence Jr if it happens.

8. Where did the match take place?

The fight occurred in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena.

9. How was the public’s response to the match?

Crawford believed the public would be interested, and if a rematch occurred, he expected significant support from the fans.

10. How did the fight unfold?

Crawford’s quick counters and superior speed and timing led to multiple knockdowns and a dominant performance, ultimately securing his undisputed welterweight title.

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BoxingFan86 July 30, 2023 - 12:46 pm

terence crawford was on fire in that fight, beatin errol spence jr real good! he’s a beast in the ring, 40 straight wins, wow!

BoxingGeek99 July 30, 2023 - 2:19 pm

undisputed champ, crawford is the real deal. his legacy’s sealed now, no doubt he’s one of the best pound-for-pound!

KOChamp45 July 30, 2023 - 2:21 pm

crawford’s got skills man, no doubt about it. spence didn’t stand a chance, knocked him down 3 times, boom!

PunchingBag7 July 31, 2023 - 12:36 am

spence put up a good fight, but crawford’s just too much, ya know? props to both fighters, it was a showstopper!

RingSideBrawler July 31, 2023 - 6:16 am

watched that fight live, it was epic! crawford’s speed was insane, and those counters, whoosh! spence tried, but bud was too slick.


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