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The Ashes 2023: Jonny Bairstow should have been warned before dismissal, says Jonathan Agnew

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Ashes 2023

The Ashes 2023: Jonathan Agnew believes Jonny Bairstow deserved a warning before dismissal”

Having attended Lord’s for numerous years, I can confidently say that the fifth day of the second Ashes Test on Sunday was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before.

The crowd’s reaction to Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, being booed when he approached the podium after their dramatic and controversial victory was extraordinary.

The atmosphere was charged with tension and anticipation.

Sundays at Lord’s often have a unique feel, resembling a People’s Day, and the 30,000 spectators present made their sentiments abundantly clear.

To clarify, Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal was technically legitimate. He had ventured out of his crease before the ball was dead, and wicketkeeper Alex Carey swiftly dislodged the bails.

Although Bairstow may have indicated that he considered the ball dead by scratching the crease with his boot, that is not how the rules operate.

At that moment in the BBC box, I was in the midst of handing over to the next commentator. Umpire Ahsan Raza seemed to be retrieving bowler Cameron Green’s cap, giving the impression that it was the end of the over. However, technically, it was not.

Nevertheless, the underlying issue once again revolves around the challenging concept of the spirit of cricket.

This principle is not defined by a rigid rulebook but rather by an unwritten code that guides our conduct within the game. It is a personal and subjective aspect.

Bairstow had ventured down the pitch after the previous three balls, but he was not attempting to gain an advantage. His actions were not driven by the intention to score runs or neutralize swing.

There will be differing opinions on this matter; some of my colleagues from Test Match Special hold opposing views. Nonetheless, that is why I believe it would have been preferable for Australia to issue a warning to Bairstow before proceeding with his dismissal.

In 2009, we faced a similar situation when England ran out New Zealand’s Grant Elliott after bowler Ryan Sidebottom collided with him, causing him to fall during a one-day international. On that occasion, England captain Paul Collingwood should have withdrawn the appeal. Similarly, when the TV umpire was deliberating, Cummins had an opportunity to reconsider his decision. When huddled as a team, there is a chance to think, “I’m not entirely certain about this.”

However, in my conversation with Cummins afterwards, he remained steadfast in his position, deeming it “fair.” This demonstrates that such decisions ultimately come down to individual judgment.

One thing that is certain is that the incident ignited Ben Stokes.

Stokes is an extraordinary phenomenon. We and the Australians have witnessed it before, and his magnificent innings of 155, which almost carried England to victory, showcased it once again.

It was gratifying to witness Stokes at his destructive best, as we had not seen such brilliance from him in the past year.

His ability to hit sixes was awe-inspiring, especially those three that brought him to his century.

Despite the knee injury that clearly affects him, every time Stokes appears, I wonder how much longer he will grace the field. We must appreciate his talent while we still can.

Australia’s response to Stokes is telling. Reflecting on his match-winning innings at Headingley in 2019, the Australian team suggested that they should have bowled normally, rather than losing control as England secured a memorable victory.

But faced with a similar situation this time, Cummins placed every fielder on the boundary, providing insight into how they perceive Stokes.

The Bairstow dismissal and the ensuing controversy will unite England as a team.

While it may not improve relations between the sides, England must harness that energy to their advantage if they hope to stage a comeback in the series.

The crowd at Headingley is known for its hostility, and that intensity will undoubtedly amplify when the third Test begins on Thursday.

England should consider selecting Mark Wood for his express pace, utilize bouncers effectively, and embrace the emotional aspect of the game.

This series has been gripping, but until the tenth day, it had maintained a cordial and friendly atmosphere. We witnessed Stuart Broad and David Warner engaging in friendly banter, akin to two individuals chatting in a pub.

However, that ambiance is unlikely to persist, adding to the excitement surrounding the series.

England will be motivated, and I found encouragement in their performance during the second innings.

It is evident that they lost this game in the first innings when they succumbed to Australia’s short-ball strategy, losing wickets in quick succession. Those additional 40 runs could have secured the victory.

Nonetheless, England demonstrated improvement in their second attempt.

Of course, Stokes played a pivotal role, but opener Ben Duckett also displayed a beautiful innings with his score of 83. Stuart Broad showed courage during his 108-run partnership with the captain.

England is aware that they can defeat Australia. With some adjustments and a bit of fortune, they could easily have been leading the series 2-0.

This is not to discredit Australia; they also deserve recognition. However, in both the matches at Edgbaston and Lord’s, England found themselves in strong positions.

They must cease squandering these opportunities and transform them into dominant victories.

History shows that England has never successfully recovered from a 2-0 deficit to win the Ashes.

Nevertheless, they must approach each match with a focused mindset, beginning with Headingley, and carry forward the positives from the final day at Lord’s.

Who knows, we might witness something even more extraordinary in the matches to come.

Jonathan Agnew spoke with Matthew Henry of Sport News Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes 2023

What is the Ashes 2023?

The Ashes 2023 refers to the cricket series between England and Australia, a historic rivalry that takes place every few years. It is named after the small urn containing the ashes of a cricket bail, symbolizing the “death” of English cricket after Australia’s victory in 1882.

What was the controversy surrounding Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal?

Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal in the Ashes 2023 created controversy. He wandered out of his crease before the ball was dead, resulting in wicketkeeper Alex Carey dislodging the bails. While technically a legitimate dismissal, there were debates about whether Australia should have given Bairstow a warning based on the spirit of cricket.

Who commented on the controversial dismissal?

Jonathan Agnew, a well-known cricket commentator, shared his opinion on the contentious dismissal of Jonny Bairstow in the Ashes 2023. He expressed his belief that Australia should have given Bairstow a warning before proceeding with the dismissal, considering the unwritten code of the spirit of cricket.

What impact did Ben Stokes have on the match?

Ben Stokes, an exceptional cricketer, played a crucial role in the Ashes 2023 match. His innings of 155 almost led England to victory. Stokes displayed destructive batting skills, including hitting remarkable sixes, which energized the team and the crowd.

Can England make a comeback in the series?

Although England lost the match, there is hope for a comeback in the Ashes 2023 series. Jonathan Agnew believes that England has the potential to defeat Australia with some adjustments and a bit of luck. The team must capitalize on strong positions and turn them into dominant victories to reverse the series outcome.

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CricketFan21 July 3, 2023 - 10:03 am

jonny bairstow dismissal wuz outragous. He waznt tryin 2 cheat, australia shud hav warned him. #unfair

GameOnCricket July 3, 2023 - 12:17 pm

Can england win? Agnew sayz they hav potential. They need 2 not throw away strong positions! #comeback #ashes2023

CricFollower July 3, 2023 - 3:03 pm

Agnew’s talk abt the ashes 2023 and the spirit of cricket makes sense. Jonny’s dismissal wuz technical but cricket shud b fairer. #debate

SportsEnthusiast July 3, 2023 - 4:39 pm

Agnew spkn abt the ashz 2023, he rly undrstndz d spirit of cricket. Bairstow’s out but cld australia giv him a warning? #controversy

CricketLover82 July 3, 2023 - 10:33 pm

Ben stokes is a beast! His 155 waz insane. England can cum bak in the series if they play lik dat! #GoEngland


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