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TMS Experts Weigh In on Ashes Outcome: Glenn McGrath Predicts 5-0 Australia Victory

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Ashes series predictions

Glenn McGrath, renowned for his exceptional record against England, has become known for his bold 5-0 Ashes predictions. As the highly anticipated Ashes series commences, cricket fans eagerly await the outcome and wonder about the thoughts of other Test Match Special pundits.

With England aiming to reclaim the coveted urn from Australia, the question remains: Will the aggressive style of cricket advocated by captain Ben Stokes lead England to their first victory over Australia since 2015? Or will the Australians put an end to their 22-year wait for an Ashes triumph on English soil?

To gain insights into these queries, we reached out to the Test Match Special team for their verdicts.

Michael Vaughan, the victorious Ashes captain in 2005, points out that Australia hasn’t won in the UK since 2001. Recalling their last visit in 2019, where they managed only a 2-2 draw against a struggling England side, Vaughan believes the current English team is far superior and predicts a surprise outcome.

Prediction: England 3-1 Australia

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew, an Ashes winner in 1985, highlights the significance of the first Test, suggesting that the victor will ultimately claim the series. Agnew ponders over which team is best positioned to win at Edgbaston, expressing uncertainty. While his heart leans towards England winning 3-1, his head hints at a different scenario.

Prediction: England 1-3 Australia

Former England spinner Phil Tufnell expects an intense and closely fought battle, with minimal chances for draws. Tufnell envisions the series going down to the wire, with the last team standing emerging victorious. Placing his faith in England, he offers a cautious prediction.

Prediction: England 3-2 Australia

Sir Alastair Cook, a two-time Ashes-winning captain, echoes the sentiment that the series will be closely contested. Referring to Stuart Broad’s belief that the series will culminate in a 2-2 draw, Cook emphasizes the role of weather and England’s bowlers’ fitness. Cook eagerly anticipates Australia’s approach against England’s “Bazball” style, acknowledging the presence of numerous unanswered questions.

Prediction: England 3-1 Australia

Alex Hartley, a World Cup winner, anticipates England surprising Australia with their unique style of play. Hartley envisions England winning the first two Tests unless rain interferes, with Australia possessing a formidable bowling attack and dangerous middle-order batting. To succeed, England must adhere to their game plans against their opponents.

Prediction: England 3-1 Australia

Steven Finn, a former England bowler and three-time Ashes winner, predicts a highly competitive series. Finn emphasizes the momentum and home crowd support that England possesses, while also highlighting the importance of Australia’s frontline bowlers’ fitness. He anticipates a result in every Test, except in the case of inclement weather, and foresees the series being decided in the final match at The Oval.

Prediction: England 3-2 Australia

Glenn McGrath, former Australian fast bowler, acknowledges England’s impressive performance but believes this Australian team, equipped with a strong bowling attack and quality batsmen, presents a different challenge. Expecting a thrilling contest, he envisions each Test going down to the wire, with Australia emerging victorious in every game, satisfying those who anticipate a 5-0 result.

Prediction: England 0-5 Australia

Isa Guha, an Ashes winner in 2008, recognizes the difficulty in predicting the series due to numerous uncertainties. Guha believes England’s brave style offers them a great opportunity to end their Ashes drought. Although acknowledging the possibility of England encountering trouble at some point, Guha believes they will have the upper hand against Australia.

Prediction: England 3-1 Australia

Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special commentator, expresses his belief in Australia’s dominance throughout the series due to the superior quality and durability of their bowling attack. While acknowledging batting concerns, Maxwell highlights Australia’s formidable middle-order strength, leading him to predict an emphatic victory for the Australian side.

Prediction: England 1-4 Australia

Jason Gillespie, former Australian fast bowler, acknowledges England’s positive and aggressive game plan under Stokes and McCullum, which has yielded success against all opponents. However, Gillespie emphasizes Australia’s quality bowling attack comprising Cummins, Boland, Hazlewood, Starc, and Lyon, suggesting that England will struggle to cope.

Prediction: England 1-3 Australia

Alison Mitchell, Test Match Special commentator, points out disruptions to England’s plans caused by Jack Leach’s injury and raises questions regarding Ben Stokes’ ability to bowl. Mitchell emphasizes Stokes’ crucial role, particularly in comparison to Cameron Green, Australia’s emerging talent. Mitchell notes Australia’s openers’ struggles in England and England’s adeptness in exploiting favorable pitch conditions. Should Stokes play a full role, Mitchell believes England can secure a closely contested series.

Prediction: England 3-2 Australia

Daniel Norcross, Test Match Special commentator, acknowledges England’s exuberant and defiant playstyle that has confounded skeptics and naysayers. However, Norcross recognizes Australia as a formidable opponent with a potent top order, suggesting that they could pose significant challenges for England’s bowling attack. Recognizing Australia’s overall strength, Norcross, despite his desire for a thrilling series with an exciting decider at The Oval, concedes that Australia will likely win convincingly. Nonetheless, Norcross emphasizes the enjoyment the series will bring, regardless of the outcome.

Prediction: England 1-4 Australia

Simon Mann, Test Match Special commentator, highlights the difficulty of predicting the series outcome due to the contrasting styles of play between England and Australia. Mann foresees minimal chances of draws, except in the event of unfavorable weather conditions. His tentative prediction leans toward England shaking Australia’s foundations, but he believes Australia will ultimately maintain their composure and clinch the series.

Prediction: England 2-3 Australia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes series predictions

What are the predictions for the Ashes series?

The predictions for the Ashes series vary among the cricket pundits. Glenn McGrath boldly predicts a 5-0 win for Australia, while other experts offer different outcomes. Some anticipate a closely fought battle, while others lean towards England or Australia securing the victory. The pundits’ predictions reflect the uncertainty and excitement surrounding the highly anticipated series.

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