One of these sides will win the trophy for the first time.
There will be a UEFA Women's Champions League winner not named Lyon for the first time since 2014-15.
The French giants won the past five tournaments, and also won back-to-back titles in 2010-11 and 2011-12. Needless to say, it was a massive upset when Lyon was ousted in the quarterfinals by rival PSG.
Lyon's exit opened the door for some new blood in the final, and that's what we'll get when Chelsea and Barcelona face off Sunday. Barca returns to the championship match after losing to Lyon in the 2018-19 final, while Chelsea will become just the second English side to play for the trophy after Arsenal won it all 14 years ago.
Both sides are coming off league titles in their respective domestic circuits, so a Champions League victory would be the crown jewel in an already successful campaign.
Here's everything you need to know about the match:
The match is scheduled to kick off 9:00 p.m. local time at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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