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The Gulf Coast Monarchy women’s football team is set to make a comeback this spring. As the team heads into the new season, starting in April, it’s motley cast of players and coaches are excited for what the year has in store. Head Coach Rickey Toles said explains this year’s theme is “family.” It was illustrated in their family day at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Gulfport on Saturday. The team and their loved ones gathered for some cameraderie and food to celebrate players new and returning.
Toles said, “The difference between last year and this year is just that: family. We’re going to base it off of our ground people, the ones who show up, the ones who have the heart, the ones who want to know, the ones who have the ambition, the ones who have the optimistic thinking, the ones who I can coach up and we can put out there and let them enjoy the sports that they like.”
Coach Hanklin Duncombe told News 25 that he is also excited for the team camp this season. “We have a really good defensive line,” explained Duncombe. “Our defensive line is looking really good. We’ve got some really good people who came back from last year. We’ve got a lot of speed on this team.”
Christy Windham is a defensive lineman. She added, “If you are willing to play and you have the skills and you want to give it a shot, please come try with us. We have an open-door policy.”
Toles hopes the Gulf Coast shows out to the first game on April 9th. He said women’s football is a unique and impressive experience. “A lot of ooohs, aaaahs, it’s lady’s football. If you’ve never been to a women’s football game, I’ve got to tell you it’s a little more exciting than what you may visualize in your head.”
Right now, there is no set location just yet. You can stay up to date on the Monarchy team by going to their Facebook page: Gulf Coast Monarchy

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