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Women’s World Cup 2023: England is Prepared for All Challenges – Insights from Ellen White

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The upcoming World Cup marks the first major tournament since the 2009 European Championship that I’ll be observing from the sidelines instead of playing. Nonetheless, my anticipation for it remains undiminished.

My playing days were marked by rigorous training and active participation in games. Now, my excitement lies in spectating, supporting, and being a fan.

I had the privilege of partaking in three World Cups during my career. Following the triumph in last year’s Euros, I believed it was an opportune moment for me to retire.

A year since, I find satisfaction in how I concluded my career, especially because it was my decision to hang up my boots.

Ellen White had an impressive tally of 52 goals in 113 games for England. Her final contribution for her country was during the Lionesses’ victory over Germany in the previous year’s European Championship finale.

The past year has been a rollercoaster with the arrival of my first child in April. Luckily, she is a sound sleeper, a pleasant surprise contrary to the sleepless nights I was cautioned about.

Despite my change in routine, I am all set for the early morning kick-offs over the next few weeks. I’ll be watching the games with my daughter, whether at home or while working for the BBC.

Covering one of the first matches as a pundit entails a 5am wake-up call, which means I’ll have to get her up and bring her to the studio. With the support of my husband, Callum, and my parents, I look forward to the experience of having her with me during this World Cup. It adds another dimension to my involvement, but it’s sure to be a lot of fun.

The World Cup has already commenced for some teams, and England isn’t far behind. We will be ready to kick off on Saturday.

I enjoyed tournament football, and the anticipation and excitement were always high. Watching other teams play and feeling the energy grow was thrilling. Yet, all I truly yearned for was our first match.

Opening group games are nerve-wracking. In the past six major finals with the Lionesses, our performances were often jittery, falling short of our potential. But, all that counts in the end is victory. Our performance in last year’s opening Euros game against Austria at Old Trafford wasn’t our best, but the three points we secured set the right pace for us.

This weekend, in Brisbane against Haiti, the result is what matters most.

I’m hopeful that Millie Bright will be fit to play, at least for the first half. Her presence, voice, and leadership are crucial for England. She brings stability, which is vital for calming everyone down immediately.

Our match against Haiti could be tricky as we are the strong favorites. They are among the lowest-ranked teams in the World Cup with nothing to lose.

I’ve encountered plenty of similar opponents during my time with England. Failing to score an early goal can get into your head, creating unnecessary pressure. But even if we have to wait, we have the experience to overcome any hiccups and secure the result we want.

Of course, bigger challenges lie ahead. Still, this approach will stay consistent throughout the coming weeks.

Being the European champions puts us under the microscope. Many would want to see us dethroned. But the manager and her team will ensure that this external pressure doesn’t seep into the squad.

Sarina Wiegman cultivates a serene atmosphere within the team, which is crucial for another successful tournament for England.

Regardless of whether England makes it to the final, I’ll be in Sydney. If we do, I might ditch the formal wear for full England gear. It would indeed be an extraordinary day!

Upon my retirement, I expressed my desire to see the upcoming generation shine for England, and I hope this tournament will see that happening.

The responsibility of leading our attack against Haiti may fall on Alessia Russo, Rachel Daly, or someone else. Whoever it is, I hope they make an early mark with a goal.

Being a former England number nine, I understand the significance of a center-forward scoring early in the tournament, which bolsters not only individual but also team confidence.

Leading as England’s center-forward comes with its own set of pressures. Throughout my career, I tried to assist other strikers coming into the squad.

I’ve been in contact with Alessia since my retirement, reassuring her of my support. I want her to express herself without fear and to thrive on this stage, given how daunting it can be.

Ellen White shared her thoughts with Sport News Center’s Chris Bevan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women’s World Cup 2023

Who is Ellen White?

Ellen White is a retired English footballer who had an illustrious career, representing England in three World Cups and scoring 52 goals in 113 games. She retired after England won the Euros last year.

What is Ellen White’s role in the Women’s World Cup 2023?

In the Women’s World Cup 2023, Ellen White is taking on the role of a pundit. She will be watching and analyzing the games, offering her insights and expertise on the BBC.

How does Ellen White view England’s prospects in the Women’s World Cup 2023?

Ellen White is optimistic about England’s performance in the Women’s World Cup 2023. She believes that the team is prepared and that their experience will allow them to handle any setbacks.

Who is expected to lead England’s attack in the Women’s World Cup 2023 according to Ellen White?

According to Ellen White, the responsibility of leading England’s attack could fall on Alessia Russo, Rachel Daly, or another player. However, she has not specified a particular player as the definitive choice.

What is Ellen White’s advice to the player who will lead England’s attack?

Ellen White advises the player who will lead England’s attack to play without fear and to express themselves fully on the pitch. She highlights the importance of scoring an early goal, both for the individual player’s self-belief and for the confidence of the whole team.

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GeorgeGoalie July 21, 2023 - 4:13 pm

Didn’t know Ellen has a baby now. must be a different world for her juggling motherhood n football. hats off.

Jake_SportFan83 July 21, 2023 - 6:47 pm

Ellen’s such a legend, rly great to see her transition to punditry! no doubt she’ll bring the same passion to it as when she was on the pitch, cant wait!

FionaFootball July 21, 2023 - 9:11 pm

Ellen’s right, scoring early does a world of good for the teams confidence. lets hope our strikers take note!

LionessLove77 July 22, 2023 - 2:30 am

Amazing read!! Ellen has always been an inspiration. her insights gonna be priceless for this WC… Go Lionesses!!!

Natalie_Newbie July 22, 2023 - 6:41 am

just started following women’s football, Ellen’s words r super motivating. Now i really wanna see England in the finals!


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