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World Athletics Championships 2023: Mary Moraa Grabs 800m Gold, Keely Hodgkinson Takes Runner-Up Spot

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2023 World Athletics Championships

In an electrifying 800m final at the World Championships hosted in Budapest, Keely Hodgkinson of Great Britain clinched the silver medal, narrowly falling behind Kenya’s Mary Moraa.

Although Hodgkinson was on the hunt for her inaugural global championship, the 21-year-old British runner finished with a time of 1 minute 56.34 seconds, equalling her medal performance from the previous year.

On the other hand, Moraa seized the day with a personal best of 1:56.03, winning in a showdown that had been eagerly awaited by fans and athletes alike.

Athing Mu, last year’s defending champion, had to be content with the bronze medal, rounding out a fierce competition among the three top contenders in the event.

Having lost to Mu last year by a razor-thin 0.08 seconds in Eugene, Olympic silver medalist Hodgkinson tried to reel in Moraa during the final moments of the race, finding an opening on the inner lane.

Following her victorious run, Moraa burst into an exuberant dance, while Hodgkinson acknowledged her near-win with a gracious clap, missing out on gold yet again on one of athletics’ grandest platforms.

This marked another stellar outing for Hodgkinson, who helped Great Britain secure their eighth medal of the championship, thereby exceeding last year’s total medal count of seven.

Meanwhile, Hodgkinson’s team-mate, Jemma Reekie, clocked a time of 1:57.72, finishing in fifth place during her debut in a world final.

Hodgkinson’s Journey to Another Silver Amid a Trio of Titans

The women’s 800m event set the stage for a clash between Hodgkinson and two other athletes, who had previously thwarted her from achieving multiple golds in what has been an otherwise exceptional onset to her pro career.

Athing Mu, also 21 and hailing from the United States, had already snatched a victory from Hodgkinson in last year’s event in Eugene, a reenactment of her win during the Tokyo Olympics. Moraa, at 23 years old, had been the cause of Hodgkinson’s disheartenment during the Commonwealth Games.

Yet, these setbacks have only fueled Hodgkinson’s unwavering ambition. Reacting to her prior defeats, she bagged her first significant outdoor gold at the European Championships just last August. Furthermore, she bettered her own British record with a stunning 1:55.77 earlier this season, the fastest 800m time globally this year.

It was only Moraa who had managed to elude Hodgkinson in 12 of her 800m races this year. Moraa’s knack for unpredictable race-closing maneuvers proved to be Hodgkinson’s Achilles’ heel in an otherwise impeccable season.

Ultimately, it was Moraa’s breathtaking finish that sealed her win in Budapest, leaving Hodgkinson to pass a slowing Mu but unable to catch up to the Kenyan speedster.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about World Athletics Championships 2023 800m Final

What was the outcome of the women’s 800m final at the World Athletics Championships 2023?

Mary Moraa of Kenya won the gold medal with a personal best time of 1:56.03. Great Britain’s Keely Hodgkinson secured the silver medal, clocking 1:56.34. The bronze medal went to the defending champion, Athing Mu, from the United States.

Who were the top contenders in this 800m race?

The top contenders were Keely Hodgkinson from Great Britain, Mary Moraa from Kenya, and Athing Mu from the United States. All three athletes have had significant achievements in previous championships and were the ones to watch in this race.

How has Keely Hodgkinson performed in past championships?

Keely Hodgkinson has had an impressive career so far. She is a European champion and Olympic silver medalist. Last year, she lost the world title to Athing Mu by just 0.08 seconds. She has also set the British record with a time of 1:55.77 earlier this season.

What does this silver medal mean for Great Britain?

The silver medal won by Keely Hodgkinson was Great Britain’s eighth medal of these championships. This surpasses the nation’s total medal count of seven from the previous year’s World Championships.

Who is Athing Mu and how did she perform?

Athing Mu is a 21-year-old runner from the United States. She was the defending champion in the women’s 800m event. Despite a strong race, she had to settle for the bronze medal this time around.

How did Jemma Reekie, Keely Hodgkinson’s teammate, perform?

Jemma Reekie, another Great Britain athlete, finished in fifth place with a time of 1:57.72. This was her debut in a world final for the 800m event.

What’s notable about Mary Moraa’s racing style?

Mary Moraa is renowned for her unpredictable and strong finishes. Her last-minute sprinting capabilities were a crucial factor in her victory, especially in the face-off against Keely Hodgkinson, whom she managed to outpace in the final stretch.

Is this the end of the road for these athletes, or is there more to come?

Far from it. Given their ages and current performance levels, all three top contenders—Moraa, Hodgkinson, and Mu—are expected to be key players in upcoming championships. Keep an eye out for these athletes as they continue to dazzle the world of athletics.

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RunningMan August 27, 2023 - 8:30 pm

hodgkinsons time is comin, she’s consistently good. just needs that little extra to snatch gold.

JustAFan August 27, 2023 - 9:06 pm

Man, felt kinda sad for Athing Mu, she looked a little off her game. Bronze isn’t bad but she’s def capable of more.

MovieBuff_YesReally August 28, 2023 - 1:34 am

This felt like a movie climax. Can someone please make a documentary on this trio? I’d totally watch it!

TrackFanatic101 August 28, 2023 - 4:25 am

Wow, Hodgkinson is like always the bridesmaid, never the bride! So close, yet so far. But hey, props to Mary Moraa, she really sprinted to the finish like a champ.

AthleticsNerd August 28, 2023 - 8:40 am

Moraa’s timing, did you guys notice? Personal best in the world championships, thats pressure handling at its finest!

StatsGuru August 28, 2023 - 8:54 am

GB getting 8 medals this time is big deal. Shows the depth they’re developing across events, not just in 800m.

BritishPride August 28, 2023 - 8:55 am

Seriously proud of Keely and Jemma both. That’s some real British grit right there. Keely will have her day, no doubt!

EagleEye August 28, 2023 - 2:56 pm

Great article! Covered all the key moments, the strategies, and the stats. Looking forward to more updates on this rivalry!

SpeedyGonzalez August 28, 2023 - 7:44 pm

hodgkinson and mu are the future of women’s 800m. mark my words, their rivalry is just gettin started.

KenyanSpirit August 28, 2023 - 8:00 pm

Mary Moraa is our pride. From bronze to gold, what an upgrade. Her sprint at the end? Epic! She’s gonna dominate the field in years to come.


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