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WWE and UFC Unite in Historic £17.3 Billion Sports Entertainment Brand

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Ronda Rousey is a famous wrestler who used to compete in UFC, which is a mixed martial arts franchise. A new £17.3bn sports entertainment company has been created by WWE and UFC owners. This business will be run by Endeavor chief executive Ari Emanuel and WWE executive chairman Vince McMahon, with Dana White still being the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Last year, McMahon had to stop working because of some allegations against him, but he came back in January this year and said the WWE company could be for sale. Emanuel added that it’s an excellent opportunity to make a worldwide sports-and-entertainment company that caters to where the industry is heading.

For many years, Vince and his team have been doing a great job by making new products and helping the shareholders gain profits. We are sure that Endeavor can help increase the shareholder’s incomes even more if they join forces with UFC and WWE.

WWE is famous all over the world, with fans of different ages and backgrounds.

In the last quarter of 2022, the company had over 16 billion views on social media. It has almost 94 million YouTube subscribers and 20 million people following its TikTok account.

Five of its female wrestlers are among the 15 most followed female athletes in world on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The most popular one is Ronda Rousey who has 36.1 million followers!

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