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2023’s Most Captivating Sports Images: A Visual Feast and Their Captivating Stories

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Sports Photography 2023

The world of sports in 2023 was as thrilling as ever, matched only by the excellence in sports photography that accompanied it.

The elite photography team at Getty Images, responsible for documenting over 50,000 sports events annually, faced the daunting challenge of selecting their top images from the year.

Sport Newes Center is proud to present a selection of 23 remarkable photos from 2023. Join us as the talented photographers behind these shots reveal the secrets and stories of their craft.

Jaylen Brown – Boston Celtics

Patrick Smith: Capturing NBA star Jaylen Brown, donning a face mask due to a facial fracture, was about blending narrative and visual drama. The contrast between his hairstyle and intense gaze under the mask evoked a mysterious, almost superhero-like quality, prompting viewers to delve deeper into the image’s story.

Elisa Longo Borghini – Giro d’Italia Donne

Dario Belingheri: Witnessing Elisa’s crash was a mix of shock and sadness. The moment she lost control was both nerve-wracking and pivotal, allowing me to capture the intensity of her fall. Thankfully, she was unharmed, reinforcing her resilience and strength.

Danielle Collins vs. Caroline Garcia – San Diego Open

Sean M Haffey: In tennis, distracting backgrounds are common, but I found a way to use them to enhance my photos. Aligning a sponsor’s logo with the athletes, I waited for the perfect serve to create a dynamic, visually appealing image.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Al-Nassr Introduction

Photo by Anadolu. Ronaldo’s transfer to Al-Nassr sent shockwaves through the football world. Captured from behind, showcasing his iconic number seven, this photo symbolizes the grandeur and impact of his arrival in Saudi Arabia. – David Ramos, Getty chief photographer.

Kong Man Wai Vivian vs. Lee Hyein – Asian Games

Shi Tang: New to fencing photography, I applied my badminton photography style, utilizing the stark contrast between the athletes’ white gear and the dark background to accentuate their dynamic movements.

Cricket World Cup Qualifier – Zimbabwe

Alex Davidson: A serendipitous moment where light, setting, and a photobombing giraffe came together. The relaxed atmosphere of the captains, coupled with the giraffe’s presence, perfectly captured the tournament’s spirit.

Juan Postigo – G4D Open, Woburn

Luke Walker: Showcasing the limitless nature of sports, this image of Juan Postigo, a golfer overcoming his disability, highlights the beauty and precision inherent in golf.

Donna Vekic – Australian Open

Zhang Lintao: At the Rod Laver Arena, the afternoon light created a magical moment. Capturing Vekic’s serve, I utilized the symmetrical light to highlight the elegance of tennis.

Mary Earps – Women’s World Cup, Sydney

Cameron Spencer: Utilizing a remote camera, this image captures goalkeeper Mary Earps’s desperate dive during a crucial match moment, encapsulating the drama and intensity of the tournament.

Evangelia Platanioti – World Aquatics Championships, Japan

Adam Pretty: A culmination of perfect lighting, background, and action led to this stunning image. The alignment of these elements creates a visually captivating and emotionally powerful sports photograph.

David Rinaldo – X Games California

Sean M Haffey: A breathtaking sunset added to the drama of Rinaldo’s mid-air motorcycle stunt. The confidence and skill evident in his posture and expression elevate this image beyond a typical sports photo.

Ryan Blaney – Nascar Cup Series 600, North Carolina

Jared C Tilton: The essence of speed and vibrancy in motorsports photography is captured in this image, where color and light play a pivotal role in highlighting the race’s intensity.

Indigenous vs. Maori All Stars – NRL All Stars, New Zealand

Hannah Peters: Capturing the haka, a powerful cultural display, this image reflects the deep respect and electrifying atmosphere at the start of the match.

High Diving – World Aquatics Championships, Japan

Adam Pretty: The challenge of the high diving venue led to a unique image, capturing a diver mid-dive against a briefly sunlit stadium, showcasing the risk and reward in sports photography.

Jonas Vingegaard – Tour de France

David Ramos: A photographer’s dream, this image of the peloton passing through a field of sunflowers embodies the picturesque and dynamic nature of road cycling.

Olivia Ottaway – Surfing in Teahupo’o, French Polynesia

Ryan Pierse: This underwater shot illustrates the raw power of the waves and the surfer’s close encounter with the coral reef, showcasing the beauty and danger of surfing in Teahupo’o.

Saracens Mavericks vs. Severn Stars – Netball Super League, Nottingham

Naomi Baker: Achieving a desired shot in the challenging sport of netball, this image captures the intense focus and agility of the players.

Andre Jackson Jr – NCAA Final Four, Houston

Carmen Mandato: Through strategic camera placement, this wide-angle image highlights the athleticism and excitement of college basketball, set against the backdrop of a packed arena.

Samuel Mindra – US Figure Skating Championships, California

Ezra Shaw: An extraordinary angle from the arena’s catwalk allowed for a unique perspective, capturing Mindra’s impressive move with dramatic lighting.

Hawkstone International MX Race – Shrewsbury

Cameron Smith: Utilizing drone photography, this image stands out for its symmetry and color, offering a fresh perspective on motocross racing.

Men’s Keirin Final – Track Champions League, France

Alex Pantling: The vibrant and energetic atmosphere of track cycling is perfectly conveyed in this pan shot, capturing the essence of the race.

Kimberley Min Lim and Rui Qi Cecilia Low – Paris 2024 Sailing Test Event, Marseille

Clive Mason: A last-minute decision to return to the water resulted in this stunning low-angle shot, capturing the athletes against a dramatic backdrop.

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – Jeddah

Clive Mason: From a unique vantage point, this image captures the grand finale of the race, blending the spectacle of fireworks and drones in a challenging yet striking composition.

All photographs are copyrighted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about sports photography 2023

What is the main theme of the 2023 sports photography collection?

The collection focuses on showcasing the most captivating sports images of 2023, featuring a variety of sports and events. Each photo is accompanied by the photographer’s narrative, offering insights into the techniques and stories behind these stunning visuals.

Who are the photographers featured in the 2023 sports photo collection?

The collection features work from various acclaimed photographers, including Patrick Smith, Dario Belingheri, Sean M Haffey, and others, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the world of sports photography.

What types of sports events are covered in the 2023 collection?

The collection covers a wide range of sports events, including basketball, cycling, tennis, football, fencing, cricket, golf, diving, motorsports, rugby, and more, highlighting the diversity and excitement of global sports.

How were the photos in the 2023 collection selected?

The photos were selected from over 50,000 sporting events covered by Getty Images’ award-winning team of photographers. The selection process was challenging, aiming to choose images that not only capture the essence of the sport but also tell a compelling story.

What makes the 2023 sports photography collection unique?

What sets this collection apart is the combination of high-quality imagery with the personal stories and technical insights from the photographers. This approach provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of sports photography.

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Mike Johnson December 29, 2023 - 7:57 am

wow, just love how these photos capture the energy of sports. Getty Images always nails it!

ChrisT December 29, 2023 - 11:00 am

gotta say, the details from the photographers add a whole new layer to the images. really brings them to life!

EmmaG December 29, 2023 - 9:30 pm

the Ronaldo shot is epic! shows the impact he has wherever he goes. just a little correction, it’s ‘Ronaldo’s’ not ‘Ronaldo’,

Jake_o7 December 30, 2023 - 1:04 am

Incredible shots! but kinda feels like some sports are overrepresented, more diversity next time maybe?

Sarah K December 30, 2023 - 5:28 am

Amazing collection! each story behind the photo makes it more intriguing. tho, would’ve loved more pics from lesser-known sports


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