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Lionel Messi’s Name Whistled by Own Fans as PSG Lose Again

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PSG fans were not happy when Lionel Messi arrived on the scene. They hoped that he would help them win their first Champions League trophy. However, during the 2023 match between PSG and Lyon at home, PSG lost with only a goal scored by Bradley Barcola from Lyon. Some of the PSG fans booed while some cheered when they heard Lionel Messi’s name being called before the match.

The game was 10 minutes late to start since Lyon’s bus couldn’t fit under a bridge and had to take a detour. Alexandre Lacazette almost scored a goal with a penalty but only hit the post instead. Kylian Mbappe, PSG’s most famous scorer, tried his best to make a point towards the end of the match but unfortunately his shot was blocked. The French Champions PSG are now at risk of dropping down the table since they’re now just 6 points ahead from competitors Lens and Marseille and there are still 9 games left in their season.

Since the end of the World Cup, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) have not been playing very well and lost seven out of their eighteen matches. Messi is considering extending his contract with PSG or even going back to Barcelona where he played 67 games scoring 29 goals. Also in the match for PSG, Donnarumma was booked at 36 minutes, Danilo at 15, Marquinhos at 5 and Bitshiabu was booked at 12 minutes and subbed off by Ruizat 60 minutes later. Hakimi also featured in the game.

At the 83rd minute of the game, Vitinha was substituted for Gharbi. At 60 minutes, Verratti replaced Ekitike and Renato Sanches who was booked at 42mins was later substituted by Zaire- Emery at 74 minutes. Nuno Mendes came in as well, followed by Messi and Mbappé.

Team Lineup

Ruiz, Bernat, Rico, Pembélé, Zaïre-Emery, Gharbi, Ekitike, Letellier, Lopes, Diomandé, Lovren, Lukeba, Kumbedi (booked at 42 minutes and substituted for Caqueretat at 62 minutes), Lepenant (substituted for Tolisso at 63 minutes and booked at 90 minutes), Mendes Ribeiro. Tagliafico, Cherki (substituted for Aouarat at 69 minutes), Lacazette (substituted for Dembélé at 69 minutes) and Sarr (substituted for Barcola at 23 minutes and booked at 90 minutes).

Home Game Favored

There are 8 players; 6 Caqueret, 8 Aouar, 9 Dembélé, 12 Silva Milagres, 17 Boateng, 26 Barcola, 35 Riou and 47 Pereira dos Santos. The possession rate at home is 62% while it’s 38% away. The shots attempted at home are 16 while away has 10. Also, the shots on target at home are 5 as compared to 3 away. Finally, there were 7 corners taken at home while only 1 was taken away. 10 fouls were committed at home while 16 were made away. To learn more information navigate to the last page.

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