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Ashes 2023: Agnew Argues that Bairstow Needed a Warning Before His Dismissal

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Ashes 2023

Over many years of visiting Lord’s, nothing compares to what transpired on the fifth day of the second Ashes Test this Sunday.

It was an unprecedented scene when Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, was met with boos as he came forward to speak after the contentious and thrilling win for Australia.

Sunday’s atmosphere at Lord’s often exudes a unique energy, akin to a People’s Day celebration. The 30,000 spectators present certainly made their emotions known.

It is critical to clarify that, technically, Jonny Bairstow’s controversial dismissal was legitimate. He ventured from his ground before the ball was declared dead, leading wicketkeeper Alex Carey to strike the stumps.

Bairstow’s scratching of the crease with his boot was an apparent declaration of a dead ball, but that is not the way things work.

As I was preparing for a handover in the BBC box, umpire Ahsan Raza reached for bowler Cameron Green’s cap, a signal of the over’s end. Technically though, the over was not over.

Once again, we confront the enduring issue – the spirit of cricket. This isn’t a rigid rulebook; it’s more of a personal code that guides our engagement with the game.

Bairstow had wandered down the pitch in the same manner after the three previous balls, but it wasn’t a tactical move. He wasn’t initiating a run or stepping out of his crease to counter swing.

While some of my Test Match Special peers may disagree, it is my contention that Australia should have warned Bairstow before choosing to dismiss him in that manner.

In a similar situation back in 2008, England’s captain, Paul Collingwood, should have rescinded his appeal after England ran out New Zealand’s Grant Elliott, who was knocked over by bowler Ryan Sidebottom in a one-day international.

Like that occasion, Cummins had a moment, while the TV umpire deliberated, to reconsider. However, Cummins maintained his stance when I spoke to him later, affirming that the dismissal was “fair.” These choices are personal decisions.

One thing is clear: the incident stirred up Ben Stokes. Stokes’ electrifying performance in his 155-run knock almost drove England to victory, reminiscent of his legendary performance at Headingley in 2019.

However, the consequences of Bairstow’s dismissal may serve to unite and galvanize England. The strained relations between the teams could work to England’s benefit, escalating tensions for the third Test on Thursday.

This series has been exciting so far, and this tension is likely to amplify the excitement. Encouraged by England’s performance in their second innings, it is clear that they have the potential to beat Australia with a few adjustments and a bit of fortune.

They must, however, stop squandering their advantages. History shows that England has never recovered from a 2-0 deficit in the Ashes, but they must focus on one match at a time, carrying forward the positive takeaways from Lord’s final day.

As we move forward, who knows what extraordinary events await?

Jonathan Agnew spoke to Matthew Henry of the Sports News Center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes 2023

What was the controversy surrounding Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal in the Ashes 2023?

Jonny Bairstow’s dismissal in the Ashes 2023 was controversial because he wandered out of his ground before the ball was dead and was subsequently run out by wicketkeeper Alex Carey. Some argued that Bairstow should have been given a warning before being dismissed.

How did Jonathan Agnew feel about the dismissal?

Jonathan Agnew, the commentator, expressed his opinion that Bairstow should have been given a warning before his dismissal. He believed that Australia should have shown sportsmanship and given Bairstow a chance to rectify his actions.

How did Ben Stokes perform in the match?

Ben Stokes played a remarkable innings, scoring 155 runs and almost leading England to victory. His performance was praised by Agnew and was seen as a potential turning point for England in the series.

Can England still win the Ashes after losing this match?

While losing the match was a setback for England, there is still a possibility for them to win the Ashes. Agnew mentions that with some adjustments and a bit of luck, England could have easily been leading the series 2-0. It is emphasized that they need to focus on one match at a time and capitalize on their advantages.

How has the controversy affected the relationship between England and Australia?

The controversy surrounding Bairstow’s dismissal has strained the relations between the two teams. Agnew suggests that this could work in England’s favor, as the heightened tensions may galvanize the team for the upcoming matches.

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CricketFan123 July 3, 2023 - 1:24 pm

da tension between england n australia is gettin’ real!! dis series gonna be epic!! can’t wait for da next match at headingley!! go england!!

StokesFanatic July 3, 2023 - 2:06 pm

ben stokes is soooo amazin!!! his 155 run innings woz legendary!! england shud rally around him and win da ashes!!

CricketLover87 July 4, 2023 - 7:00 am

jonny bairstow’s dismissal was totally unfair!! why no warning?!?! come on aussies, show some sportsmanship!!


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