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Ashes 2023: Summer Clash Anticipated Between Joe Root & Steve Smith

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Cricket rivalry

This summer, Steve Smith, who boasts the highest number of Test centuries among active batters, is set to lock horns with Joe Root, the player with the most runs.

Men’s Ashes 2023 – First Test
Location: Edgbaston Dates: 16-20 June
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Two stalwarts of the cricketing world, renowned for their Test batting, are ready to compete in the Ashes once again.

England’s Joe Root, the leading run-scorer among current batters, is enjoying a spectacular run.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Steve Smith, the era’s finest Test century-maker, seems to be hitting his stride again.

The question arises: Who will be remembered as the superior Test batter? And if you were to choose one to bat at number four, who would it be?

Smith aspires for a ‘bucket list’ victory in England.
What factors will determine the fate of the Ashes?
Ashes records

When it comes to an Ashes series, Smith is the obvious choice.

Only Australian legend Don Bradman (19) and England’s great Jack Hobbs (12) surpass Smith’s 11 Ashes centuries.

With a total of 3,044 Ashes runs, placing him fifth on the all-time Ashes runs list, he is set to conclude his career as the top Ashes run-scorer since Bradman (5,028), potentially achieving this by the end of the series.

Root’s average against Australia is 38.76, compared to 53.82 against all other teams. All of his three Ashes centuries have been at home, and he hasn’t added one since 2015.

On the other hand, Smith’s Ashes average in England (65.08) is superior to his home average (54.50). His 2019 series, scoring 774 runs at an average of 110.57 despite missing a Test due to concussion, is considered one of the greatest batting series.

Smith’s performance in the 2019 Ashes was a “tremendous accomplishment,” according to Root, particularly in light of the scrutiny Smith faced following a year-long ban due to the 2018 ball-tampering scandal in Australia.

Root’s record is commendable too. With 11,004 runs to his name, he could even surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s world record of 15,921 runs if he maintains his form and fitness.

While some attribute this to England playing more Tests than other teams, Root’s ability to stay fit and concentrated amidst a demanding schedule is commendable.

Smith, with the sixth-best Test average ever (60.04), has a higher conversion rate of fifties to hundreds (45.6%) and a higher frequency of scoring centuries (18.1% of his innings) compared to Root.

If all cricket formats are considered, Root has better records in ODI and T20 cricket than Smith.

But beyond stats, who would you prefer watching?

Root, with his characteristic elegance and poise, is a joy to watch, while Smith, despite his fidgety mannerisms, is a player of exceptional skill and timing.

An epic summer clash is on the horizon?

Only once, in the 2015 Ashes series, did Root outscore Smith. However, their rivalry wasn’t the determining factor in that series.

This summer, there’s great anticipation for a crucial face-off between the two. Root, after an exceptional run since 2021, will be hoping to improve his Ashes record. Free from the pressures of captaincy, he’s been thriving under the leadership of Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum.

Smith, after a comparatively quiet phase, showed his prowess in the World Test Championship final win over India, scoring his 31st Test century – the most by any active batter. This might be his last opportunity to secure an Ashes series win in England.

So, who’s your pick?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cricket rivalry

Who are the prominent players in the Ashes 2023?

Joe Root and Steve Smith are the standout players in the Ashes 2023, known for their exceptional Test batting skills.

What are the statistics of Joe Root and Steve Smith in Test cricket?

Joe Root has the most Test runs among active batters and a solid average of 50.24. Steve Smith has the sixth-best Test average of all time at 60.04 and an impressive conversion rate of fifties to hundreds.

How do Joe Root and Steve Smith perform in the Ashes?

Joe Root has an average of 38.76 against Australia and has scored three Ashes centuries, all at home. Steve Smith has a better average in England (65.08) compared to Australia (54.50) and has recorded 11 Ashes centuries, placing him among the top in Ashes history.

Who has the potential to be the greatest Test batter?

Joe Root has the chance to surpass significant Test records, including the world record for most Test runs held by Sachin Tendulkar. Steve Smith, with his impressive Test average and Ashes performances, is also a strong contender for the title.

What can we expect from the Ashes 2023 clash between Joe Root and Steve Smith?

The Ashes 2023 is anticipated to be a captivating battle between these two exceptional batters. Both players are in good form and have the potential to make a significant impact on the series. The clash between Root and Smith will be a highlight of the Ashes.

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