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Australia 1-3 England: Lionesses reach first Women’s World Cup final

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England made history by reaching the Women’s World Cup final for the first time, triumphing over co-hosts Australia 3-1 in an electrifying match in Sydney.

The sold-out crowd at Stadium Australia was silenced by England’s dominant 3-1 victory, making the Lionesses the first English football team since 1966 to qualify for a senior world championship final.

This accomplishment marks the pinnacle of an impressive two-year run under manager Sarina Wiegman, during which England was crowned European champions for the first time last year. The English team demonstrated their prowess by defeating an Australian side that was deeply motivated by the nation’s passion for the Matildas’ success.

England’s Ella Toone led the scoring with an extraordinary first-time shot that found the top corner of the net. Although Australia’s star striker Sam Kerr scored a 25-yard marvel to equalize in the second half, England quickly recovered.

Lauren Hemp capitalized on a defensive lapse to regain the lead for England, and Alessia Russo later solidified the victory, setting the stage for a final showdown with Spain on Sunday.

As the anticipation for this semi-final gripped Australia during the week, cities were engulfed in ‘Matildas Mania,’ with fans lining up for hours and merchandise flying off the shelves. However, England’s focused and well-prepared approach saw them make it to their third consecutive Women’s World Cup semi-final.

By disrupting Australia’s flow and thwarting their counter-attacks, England managed to maintain control of the game for the most part. Even when Australia equalized through Kerr, England’s resilient defense and flourishing partnership between Hemp and Russo allowed them to secure the win.

Reflecting on the victory, Wiegman expressed happiness with both the performance and the players’ satisfaction, acknowledging the incredible teamwork that led to the decisive goal.

While England’s full-time celebrations were understated due to their intent to achieve even more, their strategy to quash Australia’s vigorous play and rapid counters was executed perfectly. Their physicality and determination to block Kerr showcased their dominance from the start.

As the match progressed, England’s control remained steady, with the crowd’s initial enthusiasm waning to mere acknowledgment at halftime, following Toone’s extraordinary goal. The second half brought more challenges, with Kerr’s astonishing equalizer and near-misses on both sides.

However, the Lionesses’ composure and ruthlessness in key moments led to victory, earning them praise from Australian manager Tony Gustavsson, who also lauded Kerr’s efforts.

The final will find England brimming with self-assurance, having overcome all challenges in the tournament. Simultaneously, the Matildas leave a lasting mark, aiming to transform the perception of women’s football in Australia, their impact acknowledged with warm applause after the match.

Match statistics included a possession split of 42% for Australia and 58% for England. England outshot Australia 15 to 12, with 5 shots on target compared to Australia’s 4. Corner kicks were closely contested at 6 for the home team and 5 for the away, while fouls were more frequent for England at 11 to Australia’s 4.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword England’s Women’s World Cup final

Who won the Women’s World Cup semi-final match between England and Australia?

England won the match, defeating Australia 3-1 in Sydney.

Where was the match played?

The match was played at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

Who were the goal scorers for England?

Ella Toone, Lauren Hemp, and Alessia Russo scored the goals for England.

Who scored for Australia?

Sam Kerr scored a 25-yard stunner for Australia.

What significance does this victory have for England?

This victory marks the first time England’s women’s football team has reached the final of a World Cup, becoming the first England football team since 1966 to reach a senior final on the world stage.

Who will England face in the final?

England will face Spain in the Women’s World Cup final.

What was the overall strategy of England in this game?

England’s strategy was to stifle Australia’s intensity and quick counter-attacking football, control the possession, and be ruthless in key moments.

How did the Australian fans react to the match?

Australian fans were initially enthusiastic and supportive, but their fervor waned as England gained control. The Matildas were given warm applause on their lap of honour at full-time.

What was the possession percentage for both teams?

Australia had 42% possession, while England had 58%.

Who is the manager of England’s Women’s team?

Sarina Wiegman is the manager of England’s Women’s football team.

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LionessLover August 16, 2023 - 6:45 pm

England’s defence was rock solid, Russo and Hemp’s partnership is top notch. Finals here we come!!!

SydneySam August 16, 2023 - 11:46 pm

was at the stadium. The atmosphere was electric, till England scored. heartbroken but well played England.

FootyFreak August 17, 2023 - 3:37 am

3rd consecutive semi-final for England and now the final, Sarina’s done wonders with the team. No stopping now, bring on Spain!

SoccerFan98 August 17, 2023 - 6:40 am

wow England made it to the finals! Cant believe it, been waiting since 1966 for somthing like this.

AussieMate August 17, 2023 - 2:34 pm

So close Australia! But still so proud of the Matildas. Kerr’s goal was a stunner.


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