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Burnley 0-3 Manchester City: Erling Haaland scores twice in opening win

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Premier League victory

Manchester City started their Premier League title defense with a comfortable victory over Burnley, securing a 3-0 win. Erling Haaland, who had scored an impressive 38 Premier League goals in just 36 games, displayed his remarkable finishing skills in this match.

Haaland wasted no time in making an impact, netting his first goal of the new season after only 185 seconds. He capitalized on a well-placed cross from Kevin de Bruyne, heading it into the net. Later in the game, he showcased his versatility by curling a spectacular left-footed shot into the top corner, leaving Burnley’s goalkeeper James Trafford with no chance.

As the match progressed, Manchester City’s control over the game became more evident. Rodri sealed the victory for City, scoring the third goal with a close-range finish from a free-kick situation. Despite Burnley’s efforts, they were unable to recover from the early blows dealt by Haaland and City.

The game wasn’t without its concerns for City, though. Kevin de Bruyne, who had assisted in setting up Haaland’s first goal, suffered another injury setback and had to be substituted off for Mateo Kovacic. This injury issue raised worries for both manager Pep Guardiola and the team, as De Bruyne had been a key player.

Guardiola’s high standards were evident even in victory, as he passionately coached his players on the field. Haaland, despite his two-goal performance, received an intense lecture from Guardiola at halftime, showing the manager’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Haaland’s efficiency was highlighted, scoring twice from just six touches in the first half.

Despite the loss, Burnley showed spirit and character in their Premier League return. They adhered to Vincent Kompany’s passing strategies, which had been successful during their Championship-winning season. Burnley’s goalkeeper James Trafford, who had previously impressed in England’s European Under-21 Championship win, made his presence felt on his debut against his former club.

Although Burnley lost, they put up a fight and tested Manchester City’s defense on occasion. Lyle Foster and Zeki Amdouni created moments of concern for City’s side, but ultimately, Haaland’s clinical finishing made the difference. Despite their defeat, Burnley can take heart from their performance and learn from this challenging encounter.

Overall, Erling Haaland was the standout player of the match, earning an average rating of 8.18. His lethal goalscoring ability and clinical finishing were pivotal in securing Manchester City’s opening win. The match statistics reflected Manchester City’s dominance in possession, shots, shots on target, and corners, with Burnley’s performance marked by defensive struggles and limited attacking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Premier League victory

What was the result of the match between Manchester City and Burnley?

Manchester City secured a comfortable 3-0 victory over Burnley in their opening Premier League match.

How did Erling Haaland perform in the match?

Erling Haaland delivered an impressive performance, scoring two goals for Manchester City and showcasing his clinical finishing abilities.

Did Manchester City dominate the game?

Yes, Manchester City dominated the game with a higher possession rate, more shots, and shots on target compared to Burnley.

Did Kevin De Bruyne encounter any issues during the match?

Yes, Kevin De Bruyne suffered another injury setback and had to be substituted off for Mateo Kovacic during the game.

How did Burnley fare in their return to the Premier League?

Despite the loss, Burnley displayed spirit and character in their return, sticking to their passing strategies and creating some chances.

Who was named the player of the match?

Erling Haaland was named the player of the match with an average rating of 8.18, thanks to his crucial two-goal performance.

What were the main statistics of the game?

Manchester City had a dominant possession rate of 66%, took 17 shots with 8 on target, and won 5 corners. Burnley had 34% possession, 6 shots with 1 on target, and earned 6 corners.

How did Pep Guardiola react to the victory?

Pep Guardiola displayed animated behavior during the match, coaching his players passionately and demanding high standards even in victory.

Were there any notable moments from Burnley’s performance?

Despite the defeat, Burnley showed determination and created anxious moments for Manchester City, with players like Lyle Foster and Zeki Amdouni testing the opposition.

What were the injury concerns for Manchester City?

Kevin De Bruyne’s recurring injury problems were a concern for both Guardiola and the team, especially given his significant role in setting up the opening goal.

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PepRules August 12, 2023 - 12:48 am

Guardiola was mad, but city’s win’s big. KdB injury sux, hope he’s ok. haaland’s a beast! #mcfc #premierleague

soccerfan94 August 12, 2023 - 8:15 am

man city rockd that game! haaland’s goals were awesum! but de bruyne’s injury’s a bummer tho.

FtblAnalyst22 August 12, 2023 - 8:39 am

Burnley defnce struggld, city dominatd. Haaland’s precision is scary good. Excitd for the season ahead!

burnleyboy23 August 12, 2023 - 2:21 pm

Burnley showd guts agnst tough oppo. haaland’s 2 goals hurt, but we’ll get bettr! up the clarets!


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