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Declan Rice’s Potential Move: Man City or Arsenal?

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Declan Rice, a talented midfielder hailing from London, has become the center of attention in one of this summer’s most significant transfer sagas.

Arsenal, the Premier League runners-up, seemed to have secured Rice’s services a few days ago. However, their negotiations with West Ham over the transfer fee have yet to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, Manchester City, fresh off their Treble victory, is preparing to make their own bid.

Following his success as the third West Ham captain to lift a trophy, the 24-year-old England midfielder is on track to become the second most expensive English player in history, just behind Jack Grealish. West Ham is reportedly demanding at least £90m for Rice’s transfer.

Rice’s final appearance for West Ham showcased his leadership skills as he guided them to a 2-1 victory over Fiorentina in the Europa Conference League, securing the championship.

Should Rice join Arsenal, he would become their record signing, surpassing the £75m acquisition of Nicolas Pepe. On the other hand, if he moves to Manchester City, he would become their second most expensive signing after Grealish.

Simon Stone from Sport Newes Center comments on the situation: “Arsenal currently holds the upper hand and believes the negotiation with West Ham is nearly finalized. However, Man City’s interest is legitimate. Despite having midfield options like Rodri, Mateo Kovacic, and Kalvin Phillips, City could still pursue Rice, even after Ilkay Gundogan’s departure for Barcelona. David Moyes might also be interested in Phillips, although the player himself claims commitment to City. Arsenal faces the risk of waiting too long, hoping for a positive outcome, while potentially losing Rice to the Treble winners, who possess greater financial resources.”

Losing Rice to their title rivals would undoubtedly be a significant blow for Arsenal. But what makes him such a sought-after player, and which team would be the best fit for him?

Rice’s growth in recent years has been remarkable. After being released by Chelsea at the age of 14 due to his size and perceived lack of athleticism, he represented the Republic of Ireland before establishing himself as a crucial figure in England’s midfield and West Ham’s captain.

Owen Hargreaves, a former England midfielder, believes Rice’s true potential lies in his defensive midfield role. He stated, “Apart from Man City, where Rodri is one of the world’s best, Rice would start for any Premier League team. He can become one of the best defensive midfielders globally.”

Joe Cole, another ex-England midfielder who witnessed Rice’s development in the youth academies of both Chelsea and West Ham, praised his versatility: “He has added goals to his game and can do everything. Any European team would want him.”

In the previous season, Rice led the Premier League in ball recoveries (334) and interceptions (63). Only three players carried the ball more than him: Lewis Dunk, Rodri, and Grealish. Additionally, his passing accuracy and ability to retain possession make him a valuable asset in midfield.

Considering Manchester City’s midfield lineup, Rice’s role might not be immediately clear. With Rodri’s exceptional performances last season, it’s unlikely he would be displaced. However, Rice’s arrival could allow John Stones to return to a more defensive position if needed, while also providing depth and competition in the squad.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s midfield presents a clearer picture. With Granit Xhaka playing a more advanced role, Thomas Partey and Jorginho fulfilled the defensive midfield duties last season. Although Partey and Jorginho registered more successful passes and touches, Rice outperformed them in ball recoveries, chances created, and passing accuracy. Both Partey and Jorginho have been linked with potential departures from Arsenal.

Rice is capable of playing in a more advanced position, but with the signing of Kai Havertz from Chelsea, it’s unlikely he would serve as a direct alternative to the likes of Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, or Kevin de Bruyne.

Regarding his potential move, Simon Stone suggests, “At City, Rice would have a higher chance of immediate success, although he might face challenges in securing consistent game time due to the strength of their squad. Kalvin Phillips serves as a prime example of that scenario. On the other hand, at Arsenal, Rice would play a central role in Mikel Arteta’s plans, just as he did at West Ham, and could potentially become a future captain. Additionally, staying in London without the need for relocation might be a factor for Rice, considering his young family.”

Ultimately, the decision rests with Rice, and only time will tell which path he chooses and whether it proves to be the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about transfer saga

What is the transfer saga surrounding Declan Rice?

The transfer saga surrounding Declan Rice revolves around the competition between Arsenal and Manchester City for the talented midfielder’s signature. Both clubs are vying for his services, leading to ongoing negotiations and speculation regarding his potential move.

How good is Declan Rice as a player?

Declan Rice is highly regarded as a talented midfielder. His development over the years has been impressive, and he has become an automatic pick for England in midfield and West Ham’s captain. He excels in defensive duties, showcases excellent ball recoveries, interceptions, and possesses a strong passing ability.

Where would Declan Rice fit best, Arsenal or Manchester City?

The decision regarding where Declan Rice would fit best, either at Arsenal or Manchester City, depends on various factors. At Arsenal, he would likely be a central figure in Mikel Arteta’s plans and potentially become a future captain. On the other hand, at Manchester City, he would face stiff competition but could find success in a squad with a higher chance of immediate trophies.

What are the potential implications for Arsenal if they lose out on signing Declan Rice?

Losing out on signing Declan Rice to their title rivals, Manchester City, would be a significant blow for Arsenal. It could impact their midfield options and hinder their aspirations for success. The stakes are high for Arsenal, and they need to navigate the situation carefully to ensure they make the right decisions in response.

How does Declan Rice compare to other midfielders at Arsenal and Manchester City?

Declan Rice compares favorably to other midfielders at Arsenal and Manchester City. He offers defensive solidity, strong ball recoveries, and a high passing accuracy. When comparing statistics, Rice holds his ground against the likes of Rodri, Bernardo Silva, Thomas Partey, and Jorginho, showcasing his value and versatility in midfield.

What are the potential factors influencing Declan Rice’s decision?

Several factors could influence Declan Rice’s decision regarding his future club. These include the level of game time and competition he would face, his central role in a team’s plans, the opportunity for immediate success, and personal factors such as location and family considerations. Ultimately, the final decision lies with Rice, and the long-term outcomes will determine the wisdom of his choice.

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WestHamSupporter June 23, 2023 - 5:45 pm

oh no, please don’t let rice leave west ham! he’s been our captain and a vital player for us. i hope the club can hold onto him. fingers crossed he stays with the hammers!

FootballLover23 June 24, 2023 - 5:56 am

i’ve been following rice’s career for a while now, and he’s come a long way! it’s impressive how he’s developed into a top midfielder. both arsenal and city would benefit from having him in their teams, but i think he might fit better at arsenal. fingers crossed!

SoccerFan87 June 24, 2023 - 7:10 am

wow this transfer saga is intense! declan rice is a great midfielder & the battle between arsenal n man city for him is crazy! who will win? can’t wait to see!

Gunner4Life June 24, 2023 - 10:42 am

so if rice goes to man city, it would be a massive blow for arsenal! we need him in our midfield, man! come on, arsenal, get it together and seal the deal!

MCFCFanatic June 24, 2023 - 1:41 pm

i’m excited about the possibility of getting rice at city! we have a strong squad already, but he would add even more depth to our midfield. can’t wait to see him in a sky blue jersey!


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