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England Cerebral Palsy team beaten in European Championships final by Ukraine

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European Championships final

Ukraine Defeats England Cerebral Palsy Team in European Championships Final

In their most impressive performance at the European Championships to date, the England Cerebral Palsy team advanced to the final. However, their quest for a maiden European title came to an end as they suffered a 3-0 defeat to reigning world champions Ukraine.

Ukraine took control of the game in the first half, leading 2-0 at halftime. They sealed their victory with a third goal just one minute into the second half.

England showcased their strength by triumphing over Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands in their group matches, followed by a win against the Republic of Ireland in the semi-finals. Despite their commendable efforts, top scorer David Porcher was unable to add to his impressive tally of 13 goals throughout the tournament, leaving the team short of claiming the championship.

It is worth noting that cerebral palsy football was excluded from the Paralympics after the 2016 Games in Rio, where Ukraine clinched the gold medal. Furthermore, the sport will not be featured in the upcoming Paris 2024 or Los Angeles 2028 programs.

Cerebral palsy football is played with seven players on each team, on smaller pitches, and follows the rules of two 30-minute halves, with no offside calls and allowance for one-handed throw-ins. The players involved have either cerebral palsy or an acquired brain injury.

England’s lineup in the final was as follows: Giles Moore (1), Liam Irons (2), David Porcher (3), Sam Dewhirst (4), Mason Dunbar (5), Matt Crossen (6, captain), James Blackwell (7). The substitutes included Matt Robinson (12, substituted for Dunbar at the 31st minute), Jayden Kenyon (9, replaced Irons at the 51st minute), Harry Baker (8, substituted for Blackwell at the 59th minute), along with Aaron Lucas (10), Will Ramsay (11), Reagan McMillan (13), and Ethan Day (14).

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