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England Players Left Devastated After Ashes 2023 Defeat, According to Captain Ben Stokes

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Ashes defeat

Captain Ben Stokes Describes Heartbreak of Losing First Test

Following a thrilling and nerve-wracking two-wicket defeat to Australia, England’s players found themselves shattered in the dressing room, revealed captain Ben Stokes.

In a captivating turnaround on the final day of the first Test at Edgbaston, the visitors pulled off a remarkable victory.

Although England had appeared to be strong favorites at one point, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon’s astonishing ninth-wicket partnership of 55 runs secured a triumphant result for Australia.

Stokes expressed his disappointment, saying, “Losing sucks. We always strive to win.”

He added, “We are absolutely devastated by this loss. The team is shattered, particularly Robbo and Broady [referring to bowlers Ollie Robinson and Stuart Broad], who displayed extraordinary effort.”

Stokes emphasized the importance of such enthralling contests in attracting fans to the game they love, stating, “If these matches don’t captivate people, then I don’t know what will.”

With four games still to be played in the series, Stokes encouraged fans to continue supporting them, promising, “We will persist in doing what we do best.”

England’s Unyielding Style Despite the Loss

Their aggressive style of play had propelled England to win 11 out of their previous 13 Test matches.

Throughout the Birmingham Test, they maintained their aggressive approach, surprising their opponents with a late declaration on the first day and scoring at a rapid rate of over four and a half runs per over. However, this attacking strategy resulted in frequent wicket losses during their second innings.

Nevertheless, Stokes insisted that England would not alter their approach in the remaining matches of the five-game series.

“I won’t change my cricketing approach just because it’s the Ashes,” stated the 32-year-old all-rounder.

Stokes recalled their decision to declare on day one, where Joe Root remained unbeaten on 118. Although they aimed to make inroads into Australia’s batting line-up in the final overs of the day, David Warner and Usman Khawaja managed to survive unscathed.

“I thought it was a moment to seize,” explained Stokes. “Who knows, we could have gained an extra 40 runs or lost two wickets in two balls. I don’t dwell on ‘what ifs’ as a captain.”

Reflecting on the game, Stokes acknowledged their overall control but admitted to feeling devastated. He recognized the highs and lows of sports, describing it as a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster.

Cummins’ Masterful Performance and Australia’s Strategy

Usman Khawaja, who earned the player of the match title for his century in the first innings and a crucial 65 in the second, admitted he couldn’t bear to watch the tense climax alongside his teammates.

“There was too much nervous energy on the field, so I watched it from the changing room with a slight delay,” revealed Khawaja. “But I could hear every bit of what was happening. Marnus [Labuschagne] came in and said, ‘you can’t move!’ So I had to stay put. Old habits die hard.”

Captain Pat Cummins hailed the victory as his greatest in Test cricket. He expressed contentment with their team’s tactics, even if they sometimes adopted a more defensive approach, such as having boundary fielders in the first over of the first day.

“Winning is nice, but we’re comfortable with our game plan, regardless of the outcome,” remarked Cummins. “Over the past two years and 20 Test matches, we’ve been consistently good. We perform at our best when we maintain our own pace and tempo.”

Cummins recognized that the pitch had slowed down their usual tempo but admired Khawaja’s skillful navigation during his innings. He emphasized Australia’s stability as a team and their commitment to adhering to their winning formula.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes defeat

What was the result of the Ashes 2023 first Test between England and Australia?

Australia won the first Test of the Ashes 2023 series against England by two wickets.

How did England’s players react to the defeat?

According to captain Ben Stokes, England’s players were devastated and left in pieces in the dressing room after the defeat.

Who were the standout performers in the match?

Usman Khawaja from Australia was named the player of the match for his century in the first innings and a crucial 65 runs in the second innings. Pat Cummins, the captain of the Australian team, described the win as the best of his Test career.

Did England plan to change their approach for the remaining matches?

No, Ben Stokes, the captain of the England team, stated that they would not change their aggressive style of play despite the defeat. They would continue with their approach for the rest of the five-match series.

How did the match unfold?

England declared their first innings on day one, with Joe Root unbeaten on 118. However, Australia managed to survive the four overs they faced at the end of the day without losing any wickets. The match saw a thrilling final day where Australia’s Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon had a crucial ninth-wicket partnership of 55 runs to secure their victory.

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wow, england really lost the first test of the Ashes series? ben stokes said they were devasted, poor guys. australia played amazin tho!

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