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Exciting Moments at Ashes 2023: Bazball’s Bowling Feat, Darth Vader’s Exit, and the ‘Brumbrella’

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Day three of the Ashes at Edgbaston provided a thrilling spectacle, despite being hampered by adverse weather conditions that resulted in a significant portion of play being lost.

England showcased their prowess on the field by swiftly dismissing Australia’s lower order and the formidable Usman Khawaja before the lunch break. With a seven-run lead, England commenced their second innings, but rain interruptions caused early setbacks as openers Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley fell victim to the weather disruptions.

As we continue to bring you daily updates on this year’s Ashes, here is a summary of the events from day three of the first Test.

Stat of the day – Bazball’s Dominance

One aspect that has gone relatively unnoticed during Bazball’s reign is England’s remarkable ability to bowl out their opponents consistently. They achieved this feat once again against Australia on day three at Edgbaston, dismissing them completely with the final ball before lunch. This marks the 26th consecutive innings where England has bowled out their opponents, placing them joint-second for the longest such streak in Test cricket since the 19th Century. In order to secure a historic 27th instance, they would need to replicate this achievement to win this captivating first Test match.

Key Highlights from Day Three

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Quote of the day – Darth Vader’s Unusual Exit

“Has Darth Vader been apprehended? Unfortunately, that seems to be the case. Well, he probably had it coming, didn’t he, Aggers? Yes, indeed. I caught a glimpse of that. Darth Vader, it appears, is being escorted out of the venue.”

Shortly after the lunch break, an unexpected incident occurred when a spectator dressed as the iconic Star Wars character, Darth Vader, was escorted out of Edgbaston by stewards. Test Match Special’s statistician, Andy Zaltzman, couldn’t resist a playful jab at the situation, and Star Wars-themed cricket puns flooded the Sports News Center. It seems Bazball doesn’t hold a monopoly on capturing the headlines in this series.

Image of the day – Khawaja’s Dismissal

England’s unconventional fielding formation, dubbed the “Brumbrella,” played a crucial role in dismissing Australia opener Usman Khawaja, who was unbeaten at 141 runs during the 113th over at Edgbaston. Captain Ben Stokes devised an on-side wall formation with a unique off-side counterpart, positioning six fielders in front of Khawaja. This strategy proved effective as Ollie Robinson clean bowled Khawaja’s off stump. Following this breakthrough, Australia lost their last four wickets for a mere 14 runs before lunch, yet another example of the eccentric brilliance showcased by Bazball.

And finally…

Dedicated listeners of Test Match Special will be familiar with the alternating coverage between cricket and the shipping forecast on Radio 4 LW. TMS commentator Jim Maxwell has elevated the delivery of the forecast to an art form, ensuring it receives the gravitas it deserves. Maxwell has set the bar high, and it will be intriguing to see if his colleagues can match or surpass his performance in their announcements throughout the series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ashes cricket

What records did Bazball achieve during the Ashes 2023?

Bazball, England’s cricket team, achieved the impressive record of bowling out their opponents for the 26th consecutive innings in the Ashes 2023. This is the joint-second longest streak in Test cricket history since the 19th Century.

What was the “Brumbrella” fielding formation used by England?

The “Brumbrella” fielding formation was a unique strategy employed by England during the Ashes 2023. It involved setting up an on-side wall formation with six fielders in front of Australia’s opener, Usman Khawaja. The off-side was also mirrored with a similar configuration. This formation played a key role in dismissing Khawaja and contributed to England’s success on day three.

Why was Darth Vader escorted out of Edgbaston?

During the Ashes match at Edgbaston, a spectator dressed as Star Wars character Darth Vader was escorted out of the venue by stewards. The specific reason for this action was not mentioned in the provided text.

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CricketFan45 June 19, 2023 - 9:15 am

ashes 2023 was so action packed! bazball’s bowling record was insane, totally blew australia away. darth vader getting kicked out was hilarious lol. and that “brumbrella” fielding formation, never seen anything like it! go england! #cricket #ashes

CricketLover87 June 19, 2023 - 1:27 pm

what a thrilling day at edgbaston! bazball’s bowling streak is unreal, they’re unstoppable! and that guy dressed as darth vader getting thrown out, too funny! the “brumbrella” move by england was brilliant, took down khawaja. loving every moment of the ashes! #excitingcricket #edgbaston

SportsFanatic22 June 19, 2023 - 4:04 pm

wow, can’t believe bazball keeps breaking records with their bowling! they’re on fire! and who knew darth vader was a cricket fan? that must have been a sight to see. the “brumbrella” tactic was genius, gave england the edge. loving this exciting ashes series! #recordbreakers #engvaus


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