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Forecasting the Premier League: A Duel Between Chris Sutton and Arsenal Devotee Joe Langridge-Brown of Nothing But Thieves

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fokus keyword Premier League predictions

Certainly! Here’s the paraphrased and completed text:

Newcastle’s team, smarting after a loss to Premier League victors Manchester City, has to gird for a robust challenge as they entertain Liverpool at St James’ Park this Sunday. Is a rebound in Eddie Howe’s side’s fortunes on the horizon?

“Losing to Manchester City is hardly a disgrace,” opined football specialist Chris Sutton at Sport Newes Center. “While Liverpool triumphed over them twice last season, Newcastle’s home advantage and local fanbase could tip the balance.”

Throughout this season, Sutton is once more making predictions for all 380 Premier League matches, and his opponents hail from various walks of life.

For this weekend’s games, Sutton’s adversary is Joe Langridge-Brown, Nothing But Thieves’ guitarist and a fervent Arsenal supporter.

Nothing But Thieves hit a milestone with their fourth album, “Dead Club City,” reaching the UK’s number one spot in early July. This indie-rock band from Essex has seen their past three albums all enter the top 10.

The group will be taking the Main Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend.

Langridge-Brown’s allegiance to Arsenal comes from his father and was nurtured during the Gunners’ golden era.

“The Thierry Henry years were a blessing to witness,” he told Sport Newes Center.

He acknowledges some rough years for Arsenal fans but sees recent success under Mikel Arteta as all the sweeter for the struggle.

“I’m thrilled about Arsenal at present. Arteta’s intensity and attention to detail remind me of the great managers. I knew he had something special from the start in 2019,” he said, expressing a wish that the ‘All or Nothing’ Amazon documentary had followed Arteta’s more recent triumphs.

For Joe, his most cherished memory as a fan is Thierry Henry’s triumphant return to Arsenal in 2012, when he secured a late victory against Leeds in the FA Cup. “I sank to my knees in the pub when that goal happened,” he reminisced.

Premier League – week 3

Here are the predictions and results for this weekend’s fixtures:

Chelsea v Luton 3-0 Sutton, 3-0 Joe

Newcastle v Liverpool 3-1 Sutton, 3-3 Joe

A correct result, such as a win, draw, or defeat, nets 10 points. Hitting the exact score gets 40 points.

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All games begin at 15:00 BST unless otherwise noted.

Burnley v Aston Villa (14:00)
Sutton 1-2, Joe 1-1

Sheff Utd v Man City (14:00)
Sutton 0-4, Joe 0-3

Newcastle v Liverpool (16:30)
Sutton’s take: 3-1
Joe’s take: Newcastle had an exciting win but stumbled afterward. Liverpool’s attack is mighty but their defense seems shaky. 3-3

Last Week’s Performance

In week two, Sutton managed six correct outcomes out of nine, including one precise score, for a total of 90 points. He tied with DJ and producer Anwar Kumar.

Guest leaderboard 2023-24
Anthony Joshua 150

Sutton v guests

Your week had six correct results.

A surprising outcome was West Ham’s victory over Chelsea, anticipated by only 18% of the predictors.

You vs. Chris & the guests – week two

  1. You 6/9
  2. Chris 6/9
  3. Anwar 6/9

Total scores after week two
=1. Chris 13/19
=1. Guests 13/19
=1. You 13/19

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Premier League predictions

Who are making Premier League predictions in this text?

Chris Sutton, a football expert, and Joe Langridge-Brown, guitarist for Nothing But Thieves and an Arsenal fan, are making predictions for Premier League matches.

What was the recent achievement of Nothing But Thieves?

Nothing But Thieves reached number one in the UK album charts with their fourth album, “Dead Club City,” in July. Their three previous albums all reached the top 10.

Why does Joe Langridge-Brown support Arsenal?

Joe Langridge-Brown supports Arsenal because of his dad, and he grew up during a golden period for the Gunners, particularly during the Thierry Henry era.

What is the point system for correct result and exact score in the predictions?

A correct result, such as picking a win, draw, or defeat, is worth 10 points, and an exact score prediction earns 40 points.

Who is Joe’s hero and favorite moment as an Arsenal fan?

Joe’s hero as a boy was Thierry Henry, and his favorite moment as an Arsenal fan was when Henry marked his return to the club in 2012 with a late winner against Leeds in the FA Cup.

What are the highlights of Sutton’s and Joe’s predictions for the weekend’s fixtures?

They provided detailed predictions for various matches, including Chelsea vs. Luton, Bournemouth vs. Tottenham, Arsenal vs. Fulham, and Newcastle vs. Liverpool, among others. The predictions included both scores and analysis of team performance.

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