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Investigation Launched into Former Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales for Jenni Hermoso Kiss

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Rubiales Investigation

Luis Rubiales, the former president of Spain’s football federation, is facing an investigation by a Spanish high court judge following a legal complaint filed by Spain forward Jenni Hermoso. The controversy centers around a kiss on the lips that Rubiales planted on Hermoso after her country’s Women’s World Cup final victory.

Hermoso, aged 33, stated that the kiss was not consensual, while Rubiales insisted that it was a “mutual” and “consensual” act. This incident ultimately led to Rubiales resigning from his position as the Spanish FA president.

Last week, Prosecutor Marta Durantez Gil took action by filing a complaint against Rubiales for sexual assault and coercion. On Monday, Judge Francisco de Jorge of the National Court accepted this complaint, setting in motion a formal investigation. A magistrate will be appointed to lead the inquiry, which will ultimately determine whether the case should proceed to trial or be dismissed.

Under Spanish law, the charge of sexual assault carries a potential punishment ranging from a fine to four years in prison. The severity of this potential consequence underscores the significance of the investigation.

Jenni Hermoso, who currently plays for Pachuca, made her feelings clear about the incident in a social media statement on August 25. In her statement, she emphasized that the kiss was not “consensual” and expressed her belief that no one, regardless of their profession or social setting, should be subjected to non-consensual behavior. She described the incident as an impulsive, sexist act that left her feeling vulnerable and disrespected.

Spain’s men’s coach, Luis de la Fuente, also weighed in on the situation. He asked for “forgiveness” after initially applauding Rubiales when he stated he would not resign over the kiss. De la Fuente emphasized that his focus is on football and that he respects Rubiales’ decision. He highlighted his long-standing career in football and his gratitude to those who have supported him.

This investigation into Luis Rubiales brings attention to issues of consent and respect, not only in the world of sports but also in society at large. It remains to be seen how this legal matter will unfold and what consequences may follow for those involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Rubiales Investigation

What led to the investigation of former Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales?

A legal complaint was filed by Spain forward Jenni Hermoso, alleging that Rubiales kissed her on the lips without her consent following her country’s Women’s World Cup final victory.

What are the allegations against Luis Rubiales?

Jenni Hermoso claims that the kiss was non-consensual, while Rubiales asserts it was mutual and consensual. He is facing charges of sexual assault and coercion under Spanish law.

What are the potential consequences for Luis Rubiales?

If found guilty, Rubiales could face a punishment ranging from a fine to up to four years in prison.

What action has been taken by the Spanish legal system?

Prosecutor Marta Durantez Gil filed a complaint against Rubiales, which was accepted by Judge Francisco de Jorge. A formal investigation will determine whether the case proceeds to trial or is dismissed.

How did Jenni Hermoso respond to the incident?

Hermoso released a statement on social media, expressing her belief that no one should be subjected to non-consensual behavior and emphasizing that she was not respected in this situation.

What is the perspective of Spain’s men’s coach, Luis de la Fuente?

De la Fuente initially applauded Rubiales but later asked for forgiveness. He stated his focus on football and respect for Rubiales’ decision, highlighting his long career in the sport.

What broader issues does this case highlight?

This case raises awareness of consent and respect issues, not only in sports but also in wider societal contexts. It emphasizes the importance of addressing such matters seriously.

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