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Italian FA bans number 88 on players’ shirts as part of anti-Semitism initiative

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Italian FA Implements Anti-Semitism Measures: Ban on Number 88 and Interventions Against Hate

In an effort to combat anti-Semitism within Italian football, the Italian Football Association (FIGC) has introduced measures to prohibit players from wearing the number 88 on their shirts.

On Tuesday, representatives from Italy’s government, along with FIGC president Gabriele Gravina, collectively signed an agreement addressing this issue. The decision to ban the number 88 stems from its association with a German Nazi slogan.

Additionally, the agreement empowers officials to halt matches in response to anti-Semitic chants, actions, or expressions.

Matteo Piantedosi, Italy’s Interior Minister, remarked, “This is a fitting and effective response to an unacceptable prejudice that continues to rear its head all too frequently in our stadiums. Anti-Semitism must be vigorously combated, alongside any form of exclusion, disdain, or discrimination directed at individuals, social groups, or minorities.”

The signed declaration represents the initial phase of a comprehensive strategy aimed at developing a new framework to prevent and combat all manifestations of racism and discrimination within sports.

In a separate incident, during a match between Lazio and Roma in March, a fan was seen wearing a Lazio shirt bearing the number 88. This act, along with another apparent anti-Semitic occurrence involving two other supporters, prompted Lazio to impose lifelong bans on all three individuals, prohibiting their attendance at future games held at Stadio Olimpico.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about anti-Semitism

Why has the Italian FA banned the number 88 on players’ shirts?

The Italian FA has banned the number 88 on players’ shirts as part of an initiative to combat anti-Semitism in football. The number 88 is associated with a German Nazi slogan, and this measure aims to prevent any promotion or glorification of such ideologies within the sport.

What happens if there are anti-Semitic chants, acts, or expressions during a match?

According to the agreement signed by the Italian government and the FIGC, matches can be interrupted in the event of anti-Semitic chants, acts, or expressions. This allows for immediate intervention and sends a clear message that such behavior is not tolerated within Italian football.

What actions has Lazio taken against anti-Semitic incidents?

Lazio, a football team involved in an apparent anti-Semitic incident, has taken strong action against the individuals involved. The team has imposed lifelong bans on the three fans responsible for the incidents, preventing them from attending any future games at Stadio Olimpico.

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