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John Hathaway: UFC Star Returns to Oktagon After Battling Illness for Eight Years

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John Hathaway, a renowned UFC star, is making a comeback in the Oktagon ring after an extended absence due to illness. In 2011, Hathaway, from Brighton, suspected something was amiss when he noticed blood in his stool, forcing him to halt his training for a bout against Matt Brown at UFC 138. At the time, Hathaway was considered one of Britain’s most promising MMA prospects, having triumphed in 15 out of 16 professional fights.

His health deteriorated, leading him to seek medical attention. After numerous tests over two days, Hathaway received a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, a condition characterized by inflammation in the digestive system. Crohn’s symptoms include bloody stools, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, and weight loss.

Remaining hopeful, despite the diagnosis, Hathaway’s optimism was repeatedly challenged as his symptoms flared up over the following three years, interrupting his career. He underwent various medications before ultimately opting for surgery, during which his large bowel was completely removed, and an internal pouch was created.

Throughout his journey, Hathaway’s resilience and positive attitude shone through, culminating in his remarkable comeback in October. After an eight-year hiatus, he triumphed over Andre Ricardo at Oktagon 36. Now, Hathaway is preparing to face Lukasz Siwiec at Oktagon 44 in Oberhausen, Germany, on June 17.

Reflecting on his mindset, Hathaway emphasizes the importance of perseverance and not giving up on one’s aspirations. He believes that with dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination, any goal can be achieved.

Hathaway’s triumphant return in October, marked by a unanimous decision victory, was long-awaited. Despite his diagnosis around 12 years ago, he continued to fight and even secured two wins in the UFC, all while battling his symptoms. However, he had to withdraw from three fights during that period, prompting him to take a break from the sport.

Recalling the turning point, Hathaway mentions the disappointment he felt when he had to pull out of a fight against Gunnar Nelson in 2015. Although he was unwell, he deemed it unfair to his opponent, which led him to step back from competing and focus on healing himself. Little did he know that this break would extend to eight years without stepping into the ring.

During this time, Hathaway experimented with different medications, facing the unpredictable nature of his condition. Eventually, he underwent surgery as his last resort, enduring multiple hospital visits and keyhole surgeries that left him with noticeable scars on his stomach.

Despite the setbacks, Hathaway never relinquished hope of returning to the sport he loves. Even when his weight dropped significantly, leaving him as a mere shadow of his former self, he remained dedicated to training. He attributes his return to the unwavering support of the team at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu in London, who enabled him to regain his form and motivation.

While the sport has evolved during his absence, Hathaway has also evolved as an athlete. He recognizes the enhanced skill levels across the board, with athletes now displaying well-rounded abilities rather than being limited to one specialty. With a newfound mindset focused on deriving joy from the sport and making the most of it, Hathaway’s current goal is to win the upcoming tournament.

Despite nearly nine years away from the UFC, Hathaway remains under contract with the promotion. Regular drug tests conducted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency continue to verify his fitness and health status. He appreciates the UFC’s decision not to terminate his contract during his extended absence, recognizing their interest in monitoring his progress. Winning in the Oktagon ring would bring him closer to the possibility of returning to compete in the UFC, an opportunity he would gladly embrace if the circumstances align.

In summary, John Hathaway’s inspiring journey exemplifies his unwavering determination to overcome illness and return to the sport he loves. With his triumphant comeback and his upcoming challenges in Oktagon, Hathaway proves that with resilience and a positive mindset, one can surmount any obstacle to achieve their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about UFC comeback

Q: How long was John Hathaway out of the UFC due to illness?

A: John Hathaway was out of the UFC for approximately eight years due to battling Crohn’s Disease.

Q: What is Crohn’s Disease?

A: Crohn’s Disease is a condition characterized by inflammation in the digestive system, leading to symptoms such as bloody stools, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, and weight loss.

Q: Did John Hathaway undergo surgery for his condition?

A: Yes, Hathaway opted for surgery where his large bowel was completely removed, and an internal pouch was constructed as part of his treatment for Crohn’s Disease.

Q: How did John Hathaway’s return to the Octagon in Oktagon go?

A: Hathaway made a remarkable comeback in Oktagon, winning his fight against Andre Ricardo following an eight-year hiatus from professional competition.

Q: Is John Hathaway still under contract with the UFC?

A: Yes, John Hathaway remains under contract with the UFC, and he undergoes regular drug testing by the United States Anti-Doping Agency to maintain his eligibility.

Q: What are John Hathaway’s goals in his comeback?

A: Hathaway’s current goal is to win the tournament he is participating in and make the most of his return to the sport he loves. Additionally, winning in Oktagon would bring him closer to the possibility of competing in the UFC again.

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OctagonWarrior June 14, 2023 - 10:31 am

john hathaway is a total beast! he fought crohns disease like a champ and now he’s back in the oktagon ready to kick some a**! #Resilience

UFCInsider22 June 14, 2023 - 10:43 am

Wow, John Hathaway’s journey is a rollercoaster ride. From illness to surgery to eight years away from the Octagon, he’s finally making his return. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. #HathawayComeback

SportsFanatic23 June 15, 2023 - 5:54 am

I had no idea John Hathaway had such a tough battle with illness. It’s inspiring to see him make a comeback and show that nothing can keep a true fighter down. Go Hathaway! #NeverGiveUp

FightLover87 June 15, 2023 - 7:53 am

Crohn’s Disease is a real nasty thing, but John Hathaway proved he’s tougher than it! Surgery, setbacks, years of struggle, and he still comes out on top. This guy’s heart and determination are on another level! #WarriorSpirit

MMAfan4Life June 15, 2023 - 8:07 am

woah john hathaway is a real champion! to come back after 8 years out bc of sickness? thats crazy determination! #UFCcomeback


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