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Leona Maguire Holds Slim Lead Heading into Final Round of Women’s PGA Championship

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Women's PGA Championship

Leona Maguire, the talented golfer from Ireland, is on the verge of securing her first major championship victory as she carries a one-shot lead into the final round of the Women’s PGA Championship.

During the third round in New Jersey, Maguire displayed remarkable skill and composure, taking a commanding three-shot lead over her closest competitors after the front nine. However, she encountered a slight setback on the 11th and 17th holes, resulting in a two-under 69 for the round. South Korea’s Jenny Shin stands closely behind, trailing by just one stroke.

Northern Ireland’s Stephanie Meadow also showcased her prowess on the course, finishing the round with an impressive 67, placing her two shots adrift of Maguire’s lead.

Maguire, 28, is driven to become the first Irishwoman to capture a major title, expressing her focus on maintaining a consistent gameplan throughout the tournament. Reflecting on her performance, she stated, “The gameplan is the same as the last three days – if it’s enough, it’s enough. My game’s in good shape.” Despite the magnitude of the moment, Maguire remains grounded, emphasizing that she tries not to let her mind get ahead of itself, saying, “Whatever will be, will be.”

After a strong start on day one, where she was only three shots off the lead, Maguire entered the third round as the frontrunner after a remarkable display of late birdies in the previous round. Her lead could have been more substantial heading into the final round if not for a dropped shot on the par-five 17th hole.

Maguire acknowledged the mixed nature of her third round but expressed satisfaction with her resilience, stating, “It was a little bit more of a mixed bag than the first two days, but I felt I hung in well.” Alongside her two bogeys, Maguire managed to card four birdies, showcasing her overall strong performance.

Meanwhile, England’s Mel Reid, who was only one shot behind the lead after the second round, faced difficulties on the third day, resulting in a disappointing 77 and a total of two-over par.

Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent, believes that Leona Maguire’s consistent performance throughout the tournament sets her apart from the competition, as she is the only player to achieve three rounds in the sixties. Carter states, “If she can do that again on Sunday, then she becomes a major champion for the first time.” He notes that Maguire’s recent victory has undoubtedly boosted her confidence, highlighting her excellent ball striking, swing, and efficient putting. With her exceptional abilities, Maguire has every reason to believe in her ability to triumph in the final round.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Women’s PGA Championship

What is the current standing of Leona Maguire in the Women’s PGA Championship?

Leona Maguire holds a one-shot lead heading into the final round of the Women’s PGA Championship.

How many shots is Leona Maguire ahead of her nearest rivals?

After the front nine, Leona Maguire was three shots ahead of her closest competitors in the Women’s PGA Championship.

What is Leona Maguire’s position in the leaderboard?

Leona Maguire is currently leading the Women’s PGA Championship with a one-shot advantage.

Can Leona Maguire become the first Irishwoman to win a major championship?

Yes, Leona Maguire is bidding to become the first Irishwoman to win a major championship.

Who is Leona Maguire’s closest competitor?

Jenny Shin from South Korea is currently one shot behind Leona Maguire in the Women’s PGA Championship.

What is Stephanie Meadow’s position in the tournament?

Stephanie Meadow, hailing from Northern Ireland, is two shots off the lead in the Women’s PGA Championship.

How has Leona Maguire’s performance been in the tournament?

Leona Maguire has been consistent and displayed good form throughout the tournament, with three rounds in the sixties.

What is Leona Maguire’s mindset heading into the final round?

Leona Maguire remains focused on her gameplan and tries not to get too ahead of herself. She believes in letting things unfold naturally.

How has Mel Reid performed in the tournament?

Mel Reid, representing England, faced difficulties in the third round and slipped to two-over par after a 77.

What are the expectations for Leona Maguire in the final round?

With her strong performance and confidence, Leona Maguire has every reason to believe in her ability to secure her first major championship victory.

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MajorUpset June 25, 2023 - 3:06 am

tough break for mel reid in round 3. after a great start, she struggled. hope she can bounce back in the final round. never give up, mel! #ComebackStrong

GolfFan99 June 25, 2023 - 3:01 pm

wow! leona maguire leading women’s pga championship! she got a 1-shot lead goin into final round. can she win her 1st major? exciting!

SportsEnthusiast June 25, 2023 - 5:10 pm

the competition is tight! leona’s lead is slim with jenny shin close behind. gonna be a nail-biting final round! can’t wait to see who takes the trophy.

BirdieMaster June 25, 2023 - 11:36 pm

leona maguire, go girl! u got this! 3 rounds in the 60s, impressive! rootin’ for u to make history as first irishwoman to win a major #WomenPower

GolfGuru007 June 26, 2023 - 12:34 am

leona’s mental game is strong. she stays focused, not gettin’ ahead of herself. that’s key to success in golf. go out there, give it ur all, and let the game unfold!


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