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Lionel Messi: Argentine Sidelined by Lingering Injury as US Open Cup Final Nears

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Lionel Messi Injury

In a surprising twist, Lionel Messi, the illustrious Argentine footballer, found himself relinquishing the captain’s armband to DeAndre Yedlin as he was unexpectedly forced off the field after just 37 minutes during his comeback for Inter Miami. However, despite Messi’s premature exit, his teammates went on to secure a resounding 4-0 victory over Toronto FC.

Messi’s absence during Miami’s previous match, a disheartening 5-2 loss to Atlanta, was attributed to fatigue, but his current setback raises doubts about his availability for the impending US Open Cup final against Houston Dynamo. According to Manager Gerardo Martino, the 36-year-old maestro is grappling with an “old injury,” casting shadows of uncertainty over his participation in this crucial fixture.

Interestingly, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner remained conspicuously absent from Argentina’s squad in their recent clash against Bolivia, a decision made by national team coach Lionel Scaloni. This adds another layer of intrigue to Messi’s fitness woes, sparking debates about his readiness for competitive action.

Jordi Alba, Messi’s former teammate from Barcelona, also suffered an injury blow during the match against Toronto. Manager Martino, with an air of conviction, asserted that both Messi and Alba would certainly be sidelined for Sunday’s encounter with Orlando City, leaving no room for speculation. “There is no chance they will be there on Sunday,” Martino affirmed, leaving fans to lament their absence.

It’s worth noting that Inter Miami’s fortunes have been closely tied to Messi since his arrival at the MLS club in July. Incredibly, they have not suffered defeat in any of the 11 matches that have featured the Argentine magician. His impact on the team is undeniable, and his presence on the pitch often translates to sheer dominance.

Despite initial scans conducted during his time with the national team not revealing any visible injury, Martino and his team exercised caution, choosing to rest Messi for his well-being. “We don’t think he has a muscular injury,” Martino revealed, based on his conversation with Messi. Nonetheless, they remain vigilant, committing to monitor his condition in the coming days to ensure a full recovery.

Argentina’s national team manager, Scaloni, shed light on Messi’s absence from international duty, explaining that the football legend “was not ready to play” and simply “did not feel comfortable.” Such insights into Messi’s physical state only deepen the intrigue surrounding his fitness as the football world eagerly awaits his return to the pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lionel Messi Injury

What caused Lionel Messi to be forced off the field during his return for Inter Miami?

Lionel Messi’s departure during his return for Inter Miami was due to an “old injury” that he is carrying, as confirmed by Manager Gerardo Martino.

Will Lionel Messi be available for the upcoming US Open Cup final against Houston Dynamo?

There are doubts about Lionel Messi’s availability for the US Open Cup final against Houston Dynamo, considering his recent injury setback. His participation remains uncertain.

How has Inter Miami performed in matches featuring Lionel Messi since his arrival at the club?

Inter Miami has maintained an impressive undefeated streak in all 11 matches that have featured Lionel Messi since he joined the club in July. His presence on the team has been synonymous with success.

Why did Lionel Messi miss Argentina’s recent match against Bolivia?

Lionel Messi was absent from Argentina’s lineup in the game against Bolivia due to the fact that he “was not ready to play,” according to national team coach Lionel Scaloni. Messi did not feel comfortable participating at that time.

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