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Luis Rubiales: Spanish Football Boss Offers Apology for Unexpected Kiss to Jenni Hermoso Following Spain’s World Cup Victory

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Luis Rubiales, the head honcho of the Spanish football federation, has found himself in a bit of a lip-lock pickle. You see, after Spain triumphed in the Women’s World Cup with a resounding 1-0 victory over England, Rubiales planted an unexpected smooch right on Jenni Hermoso’s lips during the celebratory presentation ceremony.

Now, don’t get me wrong, surprises are great. But it seems not everyone was on board with this impromptu display of affection. Hermoso, the Spain forward who found herself at the receiving end of this unexpected lip-lock, expressed her feelings on Instagram, saying, “I didn’t like it.” But hold on to your soccer balls, because her statement didn’t end there.

A statement released later on Hermoso’s behalf took the defensive stance, essentially giving Rubiales a “get out of the kiss controversy” card. In the name of solidarity, it seems like they’ve got his back. But wait, what’s this? On Monday, there it was—the grand moment of truth. Rubiales himself stood up and admitted, “I was completely wrong, I have to admit it.” Bravo for owning up to it, Mr. Rubiales! Let’s dive into the saga a bit further.

Rubiales went on to say, “It was without bad intention at a time with a lot of excitement. In the moment, we saw it as natural, but outside a commotion has formed. I have to apologise, learn from this, and understand that when you are president you have to be more careful.” Oh, the perils of being a president, where even a misplaced kiss can lead to quite the commotion!

This kiss caper didn’t only stir up emotions on the football field but also in the political and social arenas. Some Spanish government ministers raised their eyebrows at Rubiales’ gesture. Spain’s equalities minister Irene Montero even termed it a form of “sexual violence women suffer on a daily basis.” Heavy stuff, right? And there’s more: Spain’s sports minister Miquel Iceta called it “unacceptable,” and even advised Rubiales to give explanations and apologies, which, well, makes sense.

But hold onto your soccer scarves, because there’s another side to this tale. The Spanish football federation chimed in with a statement where Hermoso backed up Rubiales’ case. She referred to the smooch as a “natural gesture of affection.” Ah, a love-hate relationship with this kiss, it seems. Hermoso went on to explain, “It was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings.” Talk about mixed signals, huh?

Just when you thought the plot couldn’t thicken further, here comes a twist. Video footage making the rounds on the internet showed Rubiales not only kissing but also, wait for it, grabbing his own groin as he celebrated the victory. Now, that’s an interesting victory dance! No wonder this caught the attention of both Fifa president Gianni Infantino and Queen Letizia of Spain, who were seated nearby in the VIP section. Well, talk about getting carried away in the moment!

Of course, the internet didn’t let this escapade slide unnoticed. Social media went ablaze, and before you know it, ‘dimision ya’ (which translates to ‘resign now’) was trending on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, in Spain. Rubiales, being the man of words, labeled those who criticized his actions as “idiots and stupid people.” Well, if there’s one way to make the situation even more interesting, it’s by adding a little bit of fiery commentary.

Spanish newspaper El Pais didn’t hold back either, with the headline “Jenni didn’t like Rubiales’ kiss, neither did we.” Ouch, that’s got to sting. But hey, at least they’re getting creative with their headlines. The Spanish football federation, despite all the drama, continued to back coach Jorge Vilda, who managed to steer his ship through the storm of a player revolt. The players had some “significant” concerns over their “emotional state” and “health,” which led to quite the email chain, apparently.

In the end, amidst the controversy, Spain emerged victorious in the Women’s World Cup, and the drama, well, it just adds a little extra flavor to the mix. Whether it’s kisses, groin grabs, or player revolts, one thing’s for sure: Spanish football knows how to keep us on our toes, both on and off the field. So, let’s enjoy the goals, the drama, and everything in between, because in the world of sports, there’s never a dull moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lip-Locking Controversy

What happened during the Women’s World Cup presentation ceremony?

During the presentation ceremony of the Women’s World Cup, Luis Rubiales, the Spanish football federation president, kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips in celebration after Spain’s victory.

How did Jenni Hermoso react to the kiss?

Jenni Hermoso expressed on Instagram that she didn’t like the kiss. However, a later statement released on her behalf defended Luis Rubiales and described the moment as a “natural gesture of affection.”

What did Luis Rubiales say about the incident?

Luis Rubiales admitted that he was completely wrong and apologized for the kiss. He explained that in the excitement of the moment, he saw it as natural, but he now understands the need for more caution, especially in his role as president.

What were the reactions from the Spanish government and social media?

Some Spanish government ministers criticized Rubiales’ gesture, with Spain’s equalities minister referring to it as a form of sexual violence. Social media erupted with discussions and criticism, with the phrase ‘dimision ya’ (resign now) trending on social platforms.

How did the Spanish football federation and Jenni Hermoso respond?

The Spanish football federation issued a statement supporting Rubiales’ explanation, stating that the kiss was a spontaneous and mutual gesture of affection. Jenni Hermoso clarified that the kiss was due to the immense joy of winning the World Cup.

What additional incident occurred after the match?

Video footage showed Luis Rubiales grabbing his own groin in celebration after the victory. This action added to the controversy and garnered attention from the spectators and social media.

What were the headlines and opinions in the media?

Spanish newspaper El Pais ran the headline “Jenni didn’t like Rubiales’ kiss, neither did we,” reflecting the mixed sentiment. Rubiales initially dismissed critics, calling them “idiots and stupid people,” but later acknowledged the need for a more serious response.

How did the Women’s World Cup end for Spain?

Despite the controversies, Spain emerged victorious in the Women’s World Cup. The team overcame challenges, including a player revolt, to secure the championship title.

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