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Manchester City Lose to Arsenal & Title Almost Over: 3-1 Defeat to Leicester & Pep Guardiola’s Reaction

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Erling Haaland has scored 32 goals in the Premier League this year.

Manchester City are trying to beat Arsenal, and they have 3 huge games that could decide if they win a lot of trophies or not.

They’ll first go to Bayern Munich with a strong lead of 3-0 from the first round of their Champions League match. After that, they face Sheffield United (from the Championship league) on Saturday for the FA Cup semi-finals.

Pep Guardiola’s team is expected to do well in their upcoming games, with the final one being an important match against Mikel Artseta’s team at Etihad Stadium on Wednesday, April 26th.

Guardiola said: “Our goal is to just keep winning! They have been doing so great lately that it’ll be tough for them to lose points and we have to make sure we stay up there too.”

Sunday’s match between Arsenal and West Ham is very important. If Arsenal win, their lead over West Ham will jump to six points, which could be nine points by the time they face City. As City plays an extra league game against Southampton on Friday. Guardiola described this game as a ‘final’, saying that if his team lose, it’ll almost be over for them.

Manchester City is striving for a chance to be close to (or compete with) Arsenal. Even though this will be difficult, first they have an opportunity to participate in the Champions League semi-finals and the FA Cup.

Erling Haaland on Track to Break Records with 47 Goals in 40 Matches!

Erling Haaland had an amazing performance against Leicester, scoring two goals that raised his total to 47 in 40 matches: a record! He also scored a penalty and added another goal after John Stones got the first one. With this, he looked on track to break Alan Shearer’s and Andy Cole’s records of 34 goals in one season.

Guardiola said he hopes Haaland will break lots of records by scoring many goals which will help the team win titles. However, Haaland didn’t have a chance to make his seventh hat-trick of the season as he was taken out at halftime alongside another player called Stones. Guardiola praised Haaland’s reaction when being taken off, saying that it was excellent.

John and Erling came back from being hurt. They played for 90 minutes against Bayern even though they had been out for 15 days. So, it was good that John only stayed on the field for 45 minutes. We don’t know all of the stats but we were really impressed with what we saw.

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