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Manx Grand Prix Tragedy: Qualifying Crash Claims Life of Ian Bainbridge

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Ian Bainbridge

Since 2005, Ian Bainbridge has been a fixture in racing on the Isle of Man

During a qualifying round for the Manx Grand Prix, Ian Bainbridge’s life was tragically cut short, according to an announcement by the event organizers.

The veteran racer, who hailed from Barnard Castle in Durham, was 69 years old. His fatal crash occurred on his exit from Kirk Michael village on Tuesday evening.

Bainbridge’s death marks the second fatality during the qualifying stages of this year’s race.

Organizers have noted Bainbridge’s significant contributions to the sport, recalling that “Ian had been a constant presence at the Manx Grand Prix since his first appearance in 2005, skipping only two races in all those years.”

Described as a mainstay in classic racing, Bainbridge had piloted his Manx Norton across the UK, participating in events like the Pre TT Classic at the Southern 100 and the Bob McIntyre Memorial Races at East Fortune throughout his many years of racing.

Beyond his personal achievements, he showed a strong commitment to the development of new talent. He actively assisted newcomers in getting their racing licenses and was an engaged member of the North East Motorcycle Racing Club.

The unfortunate incident occurred at around 7:30 PM BST during Bainbridge’s first lap in the second qualifying session, leading to the red flagging and eventual abandonment of the session.

Following the tragic crash, the 37.75-mile (60km) course segment between Douglas Road Corner in Kirk Michael and Orrisdale North was closed for approximately three hours.

In the wake of this terrible loss, the organizers have reached out with “profound sympathies to Ian’s wife, his two daughters, and all those close to him.”

Ian Bainbridge’s death comes on the heels of another tragedy, the death of Colchester’s Gary Vines, who succumbed to injuries from a crash at Ballagarey in Glen Vine during his first lap on Sunday afternoon. The world of motorcycle racing mourns the loss of these two talented individuals, reflecting on the inherent risks of the sport they loved and the legacy they leave behind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ian Bainbridge

What event was Ian Bainbridge participating in when he died?

Ian Bainbridge was participating in a qualifying round for the Manx Grand Prix when he tragically died in a crash.

How old was Ian Bainbridge at the time of his death?

Ian Bainbridge was 69 years old at the time of his death.

Where did the fatal crash occur?

The fatal crash occurred on the exit from Kirk Michael village during the qualifying session for the Manx Grand Prix.

Was Ian Bainbridge a prominent figure in racing?

Yes, Ian Bainbridge was a stalwart of the classic racing scene, racing his Manx Norton around the UK and being actively involved in helping new racers.

Were there any other fatalities in this year’s Manx Grand Prix?

Yes, Ian Bainbridge’s death was the second fatality during the qualifying stages of this year’s race. Gary Vines also died from injuries in a crash.

How did the organizers respond to Bainbridge’s death?

The organizers red-flagged and abandoned the session following the crash, and they extended “profound sympathies to Ian’s wife, his two daughters, his loved ones, and friends.”

Was Bainbridge new to the Manx Grand Prix?

No, Ian Bainbridge had been competing regularly at the Manx Grand Prix since 2005, missing only two events since his debut.

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RacingFan92 August 23, 2023 - 4:23 pm

So tragic to hear bout Ian’s death, he was a true legend on the track. we’ll miss his passion for the sport. RIP

MotorCycleLover August 23, 2023 - 7:49 pm

This year’s Manx GP has been awful with 2 deaths already! What’s going on with safety measures?? need to check that.

SpeedThrills August 24, 2023 - 1:44 am

these accidents remind us all how dangerous this sport can be. I remember seeing Ian race in the Bob McIntyre Memorial Races. A real pro.

NewRacerKid August 24, 2023 - 5:18 am

So sad, i learnt alot from Ian, he helped me get my license. cant believe he’s gone, his contribution to the sport will never be forgoten.

ClassicRider August 24, 2023 - 9:57 am

Ian was an inspiration for many of us, his commitment to grass roots racing was unparalleld. My thoughts are with his famly.


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